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Bruce [userpic]

As I've said for a disturbingly large number of posts, I went back to sleep after my last one.

Boy, did I go to sleep. I work up a little after 6:00pm.

And got to the bar around 7:45pm.

Then had to deal with a couple of minor problems, the main one being a loose connection to the main amplifier.

I also didn't have time to drop by a hardware store, and certainly didn't have time to do anything with the screws had I done so, so I simply carried the rack in from the car, rather than rolling it. Apparently, lugging that thing around has had some effect. When I first started, and had no dolly board, I frequently had to stop at a couple of tables in the bar, and recover.

Not so serious this time. Though the thing continues to be a literal pain to carry around. The handle design is just kind of stupid - some edge bites into your hand, no matter how you pick the damn thing up.

Anyway, I was again late, starting around 8;50pm, even though singers were present (qzar_mystik, trivialt, and kizmet100). Mea culpa. It was a bit more embarrassing when Megan walked in a little after 9:00pm. She thought I was supposed to start at 9:00pm...

Definitely a fun night, if not the most incredibly busy. I'm not sure how the bar did - I just hope my tips didn't represent bar sales in any way (I made $6).

There were 21 individual singers for the night. A few unusual ones stand out. synkitty was up for a few days, and decided to have a night out. spawrhawk made a rare appearance, with Dominic in tow. We were graced with both justnate and dionuse, with at least one of the requisite mix-ups.

Nate brought in Athena, from the fen world. She was one of Synthia's dommes for a short period, which kicked Synthia's drama glands into relatively high gear. Granted, Synthia is recovering from a kidney infection, and in a fair amount of pain, which tends to do things to people with good emotional control.

Anyway, Athena is not only attractive, but quite fond of karaoke. We may just be seeing more of her, which works quite well for me.

I managed to convince onyx101 to come out for a bit, mainly to demonstrate that we're still friends with her, too.

People faded away in the 11:00pm to midnight period (again), which meant I was able to run for 7 rotations. Shutdown went about as usual, then I headed on over to April's for supper with Synthia and Maggie.

Then home, where I unloaded in the rain. I considered not doing it, but the frikkin' wired mic has been acting up again, which means I need to scrub out the contacts again - and there's a remote possibility I'll be doing a party at Julie's this evening. Since I haven't heard from them, pretty remote, but still. I should be more or less prepared.

I hung out with timenchanter for a while, then proceeded to settle down in my room and nap. A lot. I think I woke up around 7:30am. At that point, I remembered that Synthia had given me a bunch of valentine's chocolate so I ate it.

All of it. Plus three Pez dispenser's full of sugar pills. I am so wired right now, it's not funny.

OK, yes, yes it is funny.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: restlesswired

*sigh* i don't understand why people don't tip. you are performing a service for them! and giving people great entertainment! you should just start charging for songs like every other KJ. a buck a song or something like that. that's about what i tried to remember to tip you for us .... *sigh*

or you could just hire Casey ... :-)

Well, if I actually simply walked the tip jar through the room, I'd make considerably more - but I usually don't think of it.

And if I do, I start getting that whole Puritan "don't aggrandize yourself" thing going through my mind. Damn my WASP upbringing!

I don't like the buck a song thing for several reasons. One, as I remember, it doesn't fit real well with the music licensing arrangement (I'd become an effective jukebox, and should be paying licensing fees out of the tips). Two, sometimes people just don't have the money. Granted, a room full of people not buying anything does no good for either the bar or me, but most people have the decency to buy at least a drink from the bar - and if that's all they have money for, I don't want to shake them down for more.

Especially right now. I've gone from hearing the "layoff story of the week" to the "3 layoff stories of the week." It's getting damn scary out there.