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Baycon Day 2

Just rounding out the various little comments.

I'm being a bad con-goer, because (1) I'm sleeping at home, and (2) I'm still here at noon.  I mean, it's allowable to sleep past noon at con - even normal.  But only if you're staying there.

Oh well.  My feet hurt.  Another day spent walking back and forth, interspersed with conversations and the occasional anime.

Had a nice long talk with twitchet after rescuing her from a sticky situation (I'm so manly.  She was disturbed, and I walked her away).  Got people to cheer Aurellia after convincing her to lick spilled chocolate fondue off her own breasts.  Quite proud of that one, am I.  Supplied cuddles for supersniffles.

Did my best not to stare too obviously at the cute Japanese catgirls, or the statuesque blonde in the fur bikini.

As usual, the masquerade was near impossible to get into, so I went in toward the end.  Some truly good work, especially, I've gotta say, the X-men cabaret bit.

Oh yeah, and did some research on potential logo artists for the company.  I knew there was something I did or thought about other than girls...

I mean, the post was starting to look like one of rapp81's.

I should probably get myself together and head out - get some afternoon ogling in before the show tonight.

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