Bruce (kor27) wrote,

At Least ONE Accomplishment

Most of Tuesday morning was spent laying in bed, trying to sleep. The last time I remember checking the clock, it was some time after 10:00am.

Then I woke up at 3:00pm with a mild headache. Just peachy, 'twas.

I got myself more or less together by 6:00pm, and headed down to Offhand Manor, in an attempt to finish something.

Surprisingly, I did. kshandra and gridlore's new computer now boasts an extra 2Gb of memory, and an additional 500Gb of disk space, all of it accessible and tested.

This, plus dinner at the Outback, took until nearly 11:00pm. Not, I suppose, a hugely surprising amount of time, given how much of it was waiting for a format or memory diagnostic to finish (Yes, I know, I could have gone for a quick format. Personally, I prefer to get my nasty surprises about new hardware up front, especially for memory I've had to shepherd past a close overhang and stiff cables while attempting to not touch any bare metal and disk drives from Woot).

This counts as the first time I've ever been paid in Absinthe.

The plan was to drop by the Tower afterward, but a quick text to timenchanter showed that festivities there had ended for the evening. So I came home, where I've been following Fark gay marriage threads (Hi joedecker! Hi ghastlycomic!), napping, and finishing off a container of dark chocolate covered ginger (It's both bad and good for your stomach!).

Of course, now the napping has taken the edge off the likelihood of actually getting to sleep. So I'll need to find something else. I should likely work on Timmie's dead machine, though I haven't wanted to because that's real work, as opposed to just adding functionality to a working one.

I'd love to shop for the karaoke system, except I'm po'. And likely to stay that way - I have almost no money, things have been looking tight on the business front, and I have an extra $370 or so to pay this month (and all months for the foreseeable future).

Maybe I should have rationed that chocolate covered ginger...

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