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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]

Shortly after my last post, I got the red mic to work.

With that set of batteries. It's fairly obviously the battery holder - when you can make it turn on and off by rotating one battery, you can be reasonably certain.

But it seems that I'm going to be spending a lot of time verifying that the red mic works each time I change batteries. Good thing that's only at the end of the night. The issue is that I can only knock it around and shake it so much - the damn thing may start to get too flaky to use, which would mean I'd have to buy a replacement for the radio section. I shudder to think how expensive that might be...

So far, experience has shown that dirty contacts are the special bane of the KJ. Given that they're the special bane of anyone working with high tech, this is not a giant surprise.

Good to know it's not a surprising annoyance.

And after that I... went to sleep. Apparently I haven't had as much luck with my daily cycle as I'd thought. I almost set an alarm for 5:00pm, but later inspection showed I'd forgotten the last step.

So I really only have myself to blame for waking up at 6:00pm. What with my delays, timenchanter and I didn't get to the bar until 7:20pm. I might even have felt bad about it if our first customer (moahb) hadn't shown up at something like 9:00pm.

It was a particularly slow night. In fact, total income was 44% down for the weekend. Given I was kinda broke on Saturday, I'm, well, still pretty broke. Such is life.

And Dev has definitely put off the first of the Tuesday shows until next week. Such, again, is life.

Anyway, shortly after Noah showed up, chaoswolf and David T. came in, which is fine, but financially pretty much of a wash.

(Annoying) Bob also showed up, and bought me a drink. And sort of sang a couple of songs with me, as usual. The funny thing is that I think it would be hard to explain to him that his relative inability to sing is not at all what makes him annoying.

Noah lasted for three rotations. Chaos and David lasted for 6 - until about 11:00pm. They left just as Trankenstein showed up. With a fresh new wig.

Trankie stayed with us through the end of the night and the 19th rotation. I suspect I might have gone insane had supersniffles not shown up.

timenchanter had a cute boi to flirt with, Eric, who actually sang in the 18th rotation - quite a nice rendition of The Dance. For a while I had a foxypinkninja to talk to, but then she had to go home. She really did, but I suspect Trankie showing up may have helped the process.

But then there was Cindi, and even though she was mostly just talking to Eric and Timmie, she spread her aura of pinkness to the room.

And that was the roster for tonight, including visitors. We shut down reasonably rapidly, then Timmie took off to (ahem) take Eric home. Oddly, he hasn't made it back to the Duplex yet.

I went and visited April, who was having a similar night, though she suspects it's because Denny's is having their free Grand Slam thing today from 6:00am to 2:00pm, and that everyone is waiting for that. I just think it was a dead night all around. Or maybe hope. Misery loves company, and all that.

Anyway, I spent quite a bit of time playing around online there, then came home, where I unloaded, and am now spending quite a bit of time playing around online here. Woo. Excitement.

I think I'll stop here, before I pass out from the adrenaline...

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: calmcalm

In my defense, I was just going to give him a ride home. He was a bit drunker than he wanted to be for walking home. I didn't even think he was interested, but when a cute guy says "you can park here," you park and scoot your tush up the stairs. Well you don't, but I do. Especially when said cute guy has a sexy accent. ;-)

Who needs defense?

The solution of course is have someone singing into the microphone while you spray electrical contact cleaner onto the mic battery terminals. Spray until the sound comes back on. Keep the bottle handy.

Why, I could drill a hole in the case for that very purpose! Brilliant!

Hey stranger! How was the cruise?