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Bruce [userpic]

Shortly after my last post, I fell asleep, and stayed that way until noon. Granted, around 1:30pm I decided it might be better to nap a bit more, when tlsthatsme called to ask if I'd come over at work on a Palm backup problem.

Granted, I had said I'd be free Sunday afternoon for that particular issue.

So I got up, and hurried over, getting there in a mere 2 and a half hours.

But hey, I managed to fix the problem. Or, more correctly, the problem was fixed by the time I left, around 5:00pm. Then I picked up some stuff at OfficeMax, had dinner at Chevy's, dropped by Fry's for a bit (because it was there), then got to the bar only a little late.

Not too bad. Though it felt odd seeing sunlight.

Of course, towards 9:00pm I got hit by a wave of sleepiness - the kind that's impossible to fight off. Well, without help. Help came in the form of Rockstar...

The show was nice. Sundays have been pretty slow lately, and this was no exception. But it wasn't anywhere near as dead as last week, and I made enough for Denny's and change.

We had several hours of sparkle_journal and jackal_logic, quite a bit of kizmet100, some foxypinkninja (who actually sang a suicide song!), a return of Nick&Nelson, Big Joe, J, and a little bit of trivialt.

There also were two couples that came in and listened for a while.

I started the singing at about 8:05pm, and ran for 18 rotations before closing around 2:05am.

Then I poured timenchanter into my car, we visited April, and then home. I sorta stayed up a bit later this time, but given some of that was being asleep in my chair...

On more negative news, I'm running into a problem with the red mic. I've had it cut out on a few people, and I thought it was just that the batteries I use for it were getting old. When I replaced batteries last night, it simply didn't work. Assuming it's not something more serious and internal (which I can't afford to fix right now), one of the battery contacts is a little bent up, so I somewhat re-bent that, and also scrubbed it with contact cleaner.

And, from a check just now, it's still not working properly. Well, I know what I'm doing for the rest of the afternoon...

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