Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I didn't ever seem to get much sleep yesterday, which makes my present relative lack of fatigue all the more disconcerting.

I did get a McDonald's breakfast (my usual #3), and I did get up late for the show. In fact, I didn't hit the road until about 6:30pm.

So I didn't get to Julie's until about 7:40pm.

So I didn't get set up until something like 8:50pm.

I'm a bad, bad man. Of course, we didn't have any singers until about 9:30pm, anyway. And even then, it was a pretty slow night. We had one couple, Eve and Paul, that apparently would also like to do karaoke shows there. From talking to Cher, that isn't all that likely - she and friends of hers have had dealings with them in the past, and apparently weren't thrilled.

Eve can definitely sing, though.

J.R. and Kate came back, and a new crowd (Carly, Kevin, and friends) spent several hours, and said they'd be back.

Rex showed up after several weeks of absence, but left before I got to him.

And that's pretty much it. Everyone left by midnight (a habit that's becoming disturbingly universal), and I simply played music until 1:00am, and then broke everything down.

I might have played videos instead, but George was busy using the big screen to play Ninja Gaiden II. Which was entertaining in its own right.

So, not a huge amount of income, though enough to pay for gas and incidentals.

Nick (the previous KJ) came in at the beginning of the night, and we talked about ways of increasing the crowd. His idea is strippers, but then, his ideas tend to almost always involve strippers. George spent some time telling me not to worry, that January just sucks, but Cher said something about Nick having been able to pull in a few large crowds by having strippers there - not professionally, mind you, but there.

I'm supposed to talk to Nick some more, but I am thinking that if I could get a small number of people in the local sex industry to not only come in, but mention on their blogs/websites that they're doing so (In return for some amount of money for drinks, most likely), I might just be able to fill the place with drooling fanboys...

I did my usual stopping in to say Hi to April, and then got home around 4:00am. And that's it.

Now I just need to go sleep some.

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