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August 2018
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Bruce [userpic]

I eventually made it up to the Dome - just barely in time to prevent the 'rents from unloading the toilet themselves.

After all, it was dusk, and obviously once the sun goes down, items cannot be removed from cars. Then, of course, I can be blamed for all the various aches and ills that result.

No, I have no idea where I learned passive-aggressiveness. None at all.

In any case, it's now in the dome. They seemed a little surprised that I just carried it in, rather than, say, rolling it on a dolly. In fact, my dad had to come out to "steady the cart" while I loaded it, and was, I think, just a little put out.

I'd have installed it, but they didn't have everything they wanted for the job, and I think also wanted a break from all the excitement of buying and transporting it. I dunno, but it's sometimes very odd the way they break up tasks.

Anyway, we sat around and talked for a while, and then I left around 7:00pm.

And off to dinner with Veronica. We met at Zeni, and had some damned good food - and some great conversation. We finally left the restaurant around 9:00pm, and ended up standing outside talking until something like 10:00pm.

Then rather than move the conversation elsewhere, I headed home.

Where I did a whole lot of nothing useful until 2:00am, when I went to bed.

Then woke back up at 4:30am, and haven't really been able to sleep since. It sucketh.

There's remarkably little outward manifestation, but I suspect a pitched battle is being fought in my head.

Meanwhile, I've tried to do some work on the MySpace page. It's entertaining trying to do something where the customization options are actually worse than LJ's...

A McD's breakfast is calling my name. I'm just not sure it's calling loudly enough to make me go out in the cold.

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