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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Circle of Life

Sunday afternoon, as declared, I slept. In fact, I was a little late to the bar, and was only ready to go by 8:10pm.

Which was OK, since we didn't have any customers until sparkle_journal and jackal_logic wandered in around 8:30pm, and even then I delayed because timenchanter was running the heater. It heats the place up nicely, but I hate to try singing over the sound of a jet engine.

We actually lost someone over the delay, because Carol also showed up, put in a song, then left before 9:00pm. I'd feel worse about this if Carol ever bought anything.

Otherwise, we had a rather giddy hektikat (The weekend had gone very well. It appears they've progressed all the way to admitting that they "like" each other), qzar_mystik on day 1.5 of his date with Ronnie (who was fun, and sang three songs), Sarah&Paul, and Veronica, who surprisingly sang a couple.

And supersniffles, who sang 11 songs, because after around 11:00pm, she was the only customer in the building.

I quit a little after 1:00am, because, well, it didn't seem worth it. Then we dragged Cindi to April's, because she was going to go home and eat Spam, and in Timmie's (more than a little drunk) eyes, this wasn't food.

Quite an entertaining meal. He was thiiiiiiissssssss drunk...

Then home, where I pretty much just went to sleep. I woke up again around noonish, and decided to go back to sleep, and ended up not getting out of bed until 5:30pm. Not what one would call a productive day, offhand...

We were a little late getting back to the bar, but it didn't seem like anyone was waiting. Some time during the day, George (the building owner) had hung a new gas heater by the booth. It's not hooked up, but it's hanging there, which gives one hope.

Max and Alex came in (I know they have LJ IDs, but I'm feeling lazy), and both ended up helping us hang dwo's memorial. Several people showed up for that - I know that's at least the main reason k_magic, hollyk, sugarbare, and Brian were there (Brian dedicated Live to Tell to David). Though, offhand, not a huge turnout for the anniversary, but then, it wasn't exactly advertised.

But there's now a memorial on the wall over his booth. Finally. I'm waiting for Jose to take it down, and for Timmie and me to have to kill him.

The bulk of people for last night, though, were there for Kristofer's birthday. Kristofer being Dele's brother. And Dele having moved back into the area, which is positively squee-worthy.

Last night was therefore a little more lesbionic than usual, though Dele seemed to be hanging out with a guy (?!??). Whatever. Much blast-from-the-past-ness, with Jeff (the old KJ) and Nikki. Also many, many new people.

We had a total of 24 singers last night, and the only reason we had 4 rotations by midnight was that the first one (including the ever-lovely candiddani) was only 6 people long. Rather packed for a Monday. Heck, it was reasonably packed for a Thursday.

Of course, everyone went home by midnight. The remaining 8 rotations of the night consisted of myself, Timmie, supersniffles, bluize, and moonshae. At least the lack of people meant Fred would actually get up and sing...

In the end, income for the weekend was slightly down from target (about 14%), mostly because Sunday was pretty miserable, money-wise. But nothing to cry about.

Timmie and I visited April, by ourselves this time, since Cindi decided to go home to her Spam. Then home and sleep, and now I'm sorta awake.

I'm supposed to go up to the Dome today - they've bought a new toilet, and I'm at the very least supposed to get it out of the car for them. I fear it will be more than that, but, well, who else is gonna do it? I work cheap.

I'm also supposed to see about arranging something with Veronica, which may conflict with activity #1. This probably means I should see about actually getting up for the day.

On the other hand, Timmie is cooking lunch...

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Mood: awakeawake

I'm waiting for Jose to take it down, and for Timmie and me to have to kill him.

Who's Jose and why would he take it down?

"Jose Kuervo" is the promoter for Fridays and Saturdays, and frequently acts like the bar is his alone.

The stupid frikkin' hay bales are his, he's taken down almost all the stage lights, put up his own, then expressly forbid anyone else to use his. He has a long-standing habit of coming in two days before one of his nights, and rearranging everything in advance - completely ignoring that there are other people doing shows in the meantime.

We tolerate it because he brings in a lot of money, which helps keep the bar afloat.

I'm waiting for him to say that the thing is depressing, his people shouldn't have to look at it (especially since the comments are all in English), and take it down.

At which time Timmie and I will have to personally beat him to a pulp, then find his nearest relatives' graves and destroy them.

Not that we have strong feelings on the subject or anything.

Oh, please let me know.

I like to beat people to a pulp.

I'll do it for the entertainment value alone...

He sounds like a tool, most definitely.

Thought you might volunteer.

And I don't know what he'll do, obviously. He's not the worst guy on the planet, but he does really seem to frequently think he's the only one.

Both Julz and I clean up after ourselves. He's always leaving his equipment out, and I usually have to clean up a few half-full Corona bottle from the booth. It can get pretty nasty.

And he was in serious financial trouble recently because his bank accounts were wiped out - he hadn't paid child support in some time, apparently.

But then, he is responsible for about 2/3 of the bar's income. I try to keep that in mind.

But I figure, if worst comes to worst, that he can always promote the show from a wheelchair...

I'll help you.

Actually, I wound up eating a roast beef sandwich. Cooking was too much effort.

I'm glad you guys were there to honor, David. I chose to raise a glass on my own. *shrugs* KoC just doesn't feel like home for me anymore -- many different reasons that I won't get into and would probably make this a tl;dr comment.

That said, I'll try to make it out there this week. :P

Well, honestly, any place is only home because of the connections one has there.

A lot of the old KoC crowd has grown up and moved on.

But it's still always good to see ya.