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Bruce [userpic]
I Can Haz Day Off?

In a move that was completely uncharacteristic, I was late to the bar last night. Just not incredibly so, for a change.

Fortunately for me, no-one was really ready to sing at 8:30pm, anyway. Unfortunately, they were ready at 8:45pm - and I didn't start until 9:00pm. I really need to work on that shit.

But at least this wasn't like last week, where I didn't really finish setup until the middle of the night.

It was not a particularly busy Thursday, as they go, but we had quite a reasonable group of people come out - kizmet100, sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, qzar_mystik, the Alex group, sugarbare, Brian, hollyk (gasp!), Mikey H, moahb, jasonmagick, trivialt, and Danny. That's twice I've seen Danny in the last 6 months - it's starting to be a habit.

That took care of the first three rotations, which brought us to midnight. And then everyone went home. Really. By the fifth rotation, the only people left from the earlier part of the night were myself, timenchanter, and Anthony.

Fortunately, Robin and supersniffles showed up right then.

Then, around 1:00am, this Indian group (Puneeta, Mohan, and friends) suddenly showed up and wanted to sing. Then around 1:30am, some group of guys showing a Scots friend around (and I think attempting to outdrink him) wandered into the place.

It was kind of bizarre. Though the Indians were a hell of a lot of fun. In fact, after we made sure all the alcohol was off the tables at 2:00am (which got the "Scots" group out of there pretty fast), I ran a 10th rotation until 2:20am, just to give the Indians some more songs.

Of course, then they had to go and pick Stairway to Heaven as their last song...

Oh well. Timmie and I were out of there by 2:50am, and headed over to April's to meet up with Cindi and Robin, already in residence. And much fun was had by all, though Cindi had prearranged to pay the tab, the little sneak.

Then home, where I fiddled around for a while. I filled out the paperwork for the FTB, and ran off to mail it at the Lundy post office. I tried to play with Timmie's computer - I simply wanted to take the hard drives out, and see if they were OK or not. Unfortunately, the case is built such that sliding them out means running into various bits of the motherboard, and I don't feel like taking that out.

Call me lazy.

So I'm looking for a SATA power extension, so I can connect the drives to my system without moving them. Such are available in general, though I haven't checked locally yet.

Meanwhile, there's the matter of a phone call from Dev last night - he's got a major party on Saturday, and due to miscommunication, his DJ isn't bringing any lights. He's kind of panicking on the subject, so I'll be shopping for lights for him this evening, and then likely spending tomorrow afternoon helping him set them up.

I'd be doing it right now, except (1) all my pants are in the laundry, because I'm tired of not having any clean ones, and (2) I just haven't had enough sleep, so I'm gonna try conking out for another 2 hours.

Starting... now.

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