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Bruce [userpic]

I got myself out of the house yesterday at something like 3:30pm, grabbed some gas and some Carl's, and got up to the City as fast as I could.

Which isn't particularly fast.

I managed to find a parking space in front of the FTB building around 4:45pm, rushed around lost inside the complex, finally noticed the large, obviously placed "Franchise Tax Board" placards, ran past a guard that said "You can't - oh, you have 3 minutes," and got into an office that was completely empty except for one bored-looking clerk.

Upshot, I have a form to fill out, and then I'll theoretically have my payments reduced to $100/month for them, as well. I'm a little concerned, since the form is asking for my bank info again. That makes that rather large paranoid portion of my brain (The dark one sitting in the corner over there) worried that I'll now have a $100/month payment plus the previous $400/month payment, but hey - what's life without a little excitement?

I'll just have to make sure that there are no major checks pending around the 14th of next month, when my checking account is wiped out.

I'm pretty sure that was my record for the fastest ever time dealing with a major governmental entity. I was back at the car by 4:55pm.

Then I had to figure out what to do. The bar was just opening, but the best parking for setup is only available an hour at a time, and I can only park in the lot next door after 7:00pm.

So I went and visited beautiful, scenic Costco, which has free parking. They had at least one of the items I couldn't get the other day.

Then I went back and parked next to Julie's at around 6:00pm, which meant I only had to move the car once. Which turned out to be true - when I suddenly remembered at 10:00pm that I hadn't moved it, and ran out in the middle of the show.

I will get a parking ticket on that thing eventually...

Anyway, after a relaxed setup, I was left with an hour and a half before the show was supposed to start, so I finally had dinner there - the "tapas" size of their seafood pasta, which was not only yummy, but huge. They apparently use the Cheesecake Factory sizing charts.

Kim was hanging out with Rachel, so I sat near her at the end of the bar, and just generally enjoyed myself. Those two are always entertaining.

As usual, I didn't have enough people to start at 8:30pm. Actually, fewer regulars showed up this week than last week. But around 9:00pm or so, timenchanter appeared, with both kizmet100 and lady_morgana71 in tow, so my entertainment for the night was assured. Especially since I hardly ever get to see Amy. And not only did I get to see her, but she sang in every single rotation.

Later in the evening, Timmie went off and acquired a Patrick, which did a nice job of completing our conversion of the place into KoC north.

In the meantime, Esther (from last week) showed back up with several friends, and hung out for a few hours. Richard, an older guy, stayed all night, and mostly sang Elvis while getting cheerfully sloshed, and we had a few others as well. And Kim actually sang once.

We didn't get started until 9:30pm (Timmie et al. had dinner first), and we went through 11 rotations before closing at 1:50am, but the place did reasonably well for income, and therefore so did I. And Cher comped me my meal, 'cause she's a sweetheart.

Poor Rachel was kind of shortchanged, though. Especially from the French table. The French have largely eliminated tipping at home (Tips are normally included in the meal price), so they tend to make terrible tippers as tourists. $100 in booze for that table, and not a dime.

I got out of there around 2:30am, as Cher, Rachel, and Kim helped haul my equipment out to the car. It was cute - Cher and Kim aren't particularly strong, so they were teaming up to carry a speaker...

Then back south through the rain. I was falling asleep again, so I stopped at April's - as usual. Then home, climbing into bed, and oblivion. Tired I was.

I woke up in mid-afternoon to a ringing phone. Still haven't checked who it was. But the mail is here, including (finally) my paperwork for the trial by declaration. I've got until 2/27 to respond, and according to common wisdom, I should delay as much as I can, but I'll hopefully get everything ready to go beforehand.

Timmie's off getting stuff for dinner, and I should probably get off my ass and do something. Like maybe figure out why his latest computer is now dead, too...

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Busy, busy, busy, Mr. Brucie!

Damn, I need to make a trip to KOC one of these days. I really don't get to visit nearly enough, ya know?

Well, you're never gonna find me arguing with that sentiment.

It generally feels like getting you out of your hole would involve a full SWAT team.

I mean, you do love your hot men in uniforms...

French people who don't tip in the USA should be treated with the same contempt as Americans who speak loudly and slowly to non-English speakers. We don't have a monopoly on bad tourists (we just have a strong market advantage).

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

We've always been famously bad tourists, but we've never been able to top the Germans.

hey i am looking for a karaoke/background track of a pretty obscure song called Clay & Water by Margaret Becker.....any idea where I can find it?

I'm sorry, dear. The only Margaret Becker song I've been able to dig up in karaoke format is How Long.

There's an indication that Sound Choice once released a cassette of Margaret's backing tracks, but it's not in production, I can't find it on eBay, and I haven't been able to find the track listing, anyway.

About all I can do at this point is offer to play with the original track - sometimes I've been able to cancel out the vocalist. If you want to try that, email a copy of the song to kor (at) korenterprises.com.