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Well, I'm up relatively early - I may even make it up to the City in time. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Back at Monday, I should have slept during the day. Really. I gotta sleep sometime. And I had full intentions of doing so.

But I was on a roll with the new set of books. They weren't vitally needed or anything, but it was just that there was never a good stopping point. As soon as I was finished binding one, most of another would finish printing.

Good thing I was only doing 3 sets...

And I lied. I did sleep, from around noon to a little after 5:00pm, which in the end meant I was late to the show, and further didn't have the sense to forgo merging in the new books until later. Nope, I had to pick out the most damaged of the older books immediately.

So I didn't start the show until 9:00pm. On many Mondays, this wouldn't be a serious issue. On this one, I had people waiting - candiddani, as well as Kathy and David J, giving me another try after Thursday. Lisa is not only lovely but forgiving, but Kathy and David must think of me as the flake from hell.

Like I'm a KJ or something.

In any case, it became a fairly busy night in relatively short order. The third rotation was 16 people long, in fact. Kim sang (she's making a habit of it, which I think is a Very Good Thing), sugarbare was there for a few hours, we had Sarah&Paul, the British group (Jen&Emma), cybrenn sang a song, several hours of (Big Bad) John (convinced to come out by Sarah&Paul), supersniffles, synkitty and 1ferritgurl hanging out before heading southward in the morning, and Kelly.

Kelly was kind of interesting. She and her friend kind of hovered around the edges of the room for an hour or so, then she finally put a song in (Almost Over You by Sheena Easton), while nervously explaining that she was Chinese, and might really screw it up.

She did an excellent job. A mild accent, yes, but an excellent job. Not an easy song, either.

Then they took off - it looked like the ol' "OMG I'm so embarrassed GET AWAY" kind of exit. I can hope to see her again, but I'm not betting on it.

Kelly was actually the end of the fourth rotation, which was slightly smaller than the third. And then everyone went home.

It became myself, timenchanter, John, and Cindi, then John left. In the end, we ran 10 rotations before closing down at 1:50am.

The night was OK, if not spectacular, for income. We were 9% off target for the weekend, which is no big deal.

I stopped by April's for supper, and ended up talking with her quite a bit. I can get chatty when I'm tired - especially when the filters aren't working properly.

Then home, where I again didn't sleep. I've been needing to do something about the tax payments for some time, and figured that if I couldn't get myself to do paperwork, and wouldn't telephone, then I'd drag myself over to the local IRS office, and talk to someone directly.

That meant being awake at the time. So I fiddled around my room (it's considerably cleaner, which isn't saying much), put together a Craigslist ad for KoC (the only other South Bay ad for karaoke was a barely readable one for the Cardinal), watched the inauguration, then headed on downtown.

I didn't get the result I was looking for ("Fill out this form, and we'll forgive the rest of your debt."), but the paperwork is in the works to have my payment lowered from $500/month to $100, which is much more survivable.

I made it home around noon, and managed to squeeze in a few hours of sleep - I was supposed to visit my parents. I got back up a little after 3:00pm, did the best I could to get ready, and got up to their place around 5:30pm.

To mild drama of the passive-aggressive sort. It was, granted, dusk. But my dad tends to think it's too dark to do anything once the sun is low on the horizon. They were worried about rain later this week, and wanted the gutters cleared, which is a 15 minute job on that place (gutters at waist level for the win!), but since I was so late, they decided to do it themselves.

Meaning his knee was killing him.

I'd have more sympathy if (1) there hadn't been enough time to do it, and (2) this weren't a job I could do with a flashlight. But he was pointedly grumpy at me all evening.

I hauled a few things for them, did some minor repair, and did skip a task because of the light (there's apparently a tree they want cut down).

I also got some flak because I haven't worked on my dad's little publishing exercise. I'm apparently just not busy enough. Plus I now need to set up some ads for their loom.

I left around 9:30pm, because my consciousness was fading fast, barely managed to make it home while still awake, and went to bed.

Then woke up around 3:00am with a raging headache. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often, actually.

By 6:00am, I had the pain down enough that I was able to get back to sleep, and then I woke up again at noon feeling OK, if not spectacular. The plan right now is to pack everything up and head to the city early enough to talk to the Franchise Tax Board, and see if I can get some relief there, too. If I can't manage, I won't be surprised - I'm moving slow for me right now, and I should take it easy on myself. But it does need to be done very soon.

Otherwise, I've been talking to someone about doing a regular party at their place - they charge a cover, and I'd get half of that. 'Twould be interesting, and might actually get me to the self-sustaining point. Of course, it also means I'd be working every day from Sunday through Thursday. A five-day work week, like a normal person. Scary, that.

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