Bruce (kor27) wrote,

In Which There's Stuff, and People Sing

I slept most of the day away, but did eventually rouse just early enough to load all the equipment in the car, then run off shopping.

I got to Costco 10 minutes before it closed at 6:00pm. Out of 3 desired items, they only had 1, but at least this means that there is now toilet paper at the Duplex, which is a Good Thing.

Then some food at Panera, and off to the bar!

Fun little night, with quite a crowd, at least in the early hours. A fair selection of said crowd either doesn't drink, or doesn't drink much, so income for the evening was good, but far from phenomenal.

I'll take it.

22 different singers (23 if you count José, who left just before I called him up), and 8 rotations (starting on time, and ending at 2:09am), and largely that many because most everybody faded around midnight.

So we had sparkle_journal and jackal_logic, rue_gingertabby (there with Jon), J, Carol, moahb, cybrenn, sugarbare and Brian, Maxx and Browning, a couple of guys I think are new, h20crazyguy, supersniffles (who showed up with trivialt, who decided not to sing), Robin, Trankie, tlsthatsme, Cheri, Kim, moonshae, and bluize,

Shutdown was pretty fast, though I had some delay leaving, so Robin, Cindi, James, Tobi, and foxypinkninja preceded me to April's.

I, on the other hand, had to wait until Paula left, and ended up helping her with a couple of things - things that, as it turns out, were needful.

She's still slow as hell, though.

I joined up with everybody else at just about 3:00am, and a fine time was had by all. Even if most of the conversation seemed to center around drawing blood, one of my least favorite subjects.

I believe I got home around 4:45am. I've been trying to catch up on things since, including, of course, the usual huge friends page backup. I've also been working on sending out friend requests on MySpace, and have just started another print run - 3 books this time. I'm at a pause in acquisitions, I'm a little behind in printing, and Mondays are generally good - the worktable's clear, so I can set up the binding machine.

And I love that yummy carcinogenic hot toner smell.

I still need to figure out what I'm gonna do with MySpace. It's meant to be more of a business proposition that this journal is, so I can't just wholesale copy all the snark from here to there.

Or at least, I shouldn't.

But it already takes me forever to write these posts. And it seems it should do more than just sit there at look pretty. Pretty bland, that is.

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