Bruce (kor27) wrote,

I Fiddle Too Much

Well, I won't say it's finished, but the MySpace page is at least now not a complete embarrassment. I've even managed to make the page background over-busy!

If you feel like it, check it out - even become my fwend. I need all the fwends I can get.

But I also generally appreciate constructive criticism on layout, blurb content, that sort of stuff - as well as any recommendations of what I might be able to do with the blasted thing.

And that's been pretty much the only progress since my last post. I got to Trader Joe's, and bought a couple of things, but Costco had closed by the time I got up there.

In the process of adding the link data to my webpage, I discovered a bug, of sorts - an odd little dance between Apache's .htaccess and PHP. Essentially, I've been using .htaccess to separate out a different area of my website for - namely, the subdirectory "karaoke".

So if you type in "", it will actually give you the contents of "". Somewhere in the archives I ranted about the pain I went through to not make that cycle.

In general, I don't want the user to see that subdirectory name.

However, a couple of my contact pages use PHP header() redirects to load a different page in the case of success or error. The redirect requires an absolute address, and one way to keep things relative (and flexible), is to read the host and directory info from PHP's parameters. Unfortunately, they include that subdirectory.

It's not a huge deal - after all, I hadn't even noticed it, before - but if you send me, say, a contact message, all subsequent pages will be displayed as, and there's not a lot to be done about that.

I may just put directory/host info in a file header somewhere - it's less flexible (and given the restrictions on putting out headers, very slightly tricky), but it's certainly better than hard-coding the domain-name into the scripts.

And now I think I've bored myself enough with that lecture that I can go to bed...

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