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Bruce [userpic]
Yet Another Interface to Hate...

Welp, I'm finally up, and fed. Both are good things.

Though right at the moment, going back to bed sounds quite appealing.

But there is some shopping that needs doing - the Duplex is out of TP, for one thing.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to do something with the damn MySpace profile. It appears that it doesn't matter what I do with setup for Top Friends. No matter the number of top friends set, or the arrangement, the "Friend Space" module will only show the "Top 1". If I change the order, that one entry changes, but I can't get it to do any more than that.

And I know it's been said many times before, but Tom is not my friend.

Current Location: Panera
Mood: annoyedannoyed

You can delete him. I did.

Thanks! I didn't even consider checking for that.

Now if I could just get it to display more than one at a time...

go to "change my top friends" it'll have a dropdown with how many you'd like displayed

also you have it set for "randomized" which is going to change your top everytime someone logs into it, if you dont want it random make sure to uncheck as well from the same section as the top friend # dropdown =)

Yeah, I set it to random because at least that way, something different fills that single slot.

Otherwise, when I had a sorted list, only the first one of the top friends would show up...

Yep. And it's set to 3 right now. And has been for some time.

It just doesn't seem to want to propagate to the profile page.

I'm wondering if this is a 2.0 problem.

unsure, I don't have any issues with mine =\

try setting it to top 10

Same, both with custom and randomized.

Hah! It's a 2.0 thing - there's the standard setting and a setting in the profile.


That's why I have facebook...lol. Myspace pisses me off too much. I still have a myspace account but I rarely if ever check it.

Facebook is next. I'm just finally getting around to doing something more about advertising the business, is all.

Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with LJ.

Oh - and I got it to work. The 2.0 Profile requires that the count be changed in two places.

'Cause that's, y'know, an improvement...