Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Late - or at least feeling like it...

I did, indeed, create a MySpace account last night. It's basically empty - I mostly wrestled with the color/background settings before crashing.

I'll probably do some more later, and maybe, maybe put in some content. No guarantees, of course.

I gotta say, all those rumors I've heard about it being an unstable POS interface? Astoundingly true, those were. And I know that I'm going completely against standards with my theme because it's simple, pastel, and not hugely ugly or seizure-inducing.

I'll have to work on that later.

Then there was sleep, or something similar, where I woke up every two hours or so to find I was still more or less breathing. Then just now to find that I'm (a) late for the party in Oakland, and (b) have a headache.

I'm going to make moves towards getting up, but if I'm not feeling better by the time I'm out of the shower, I guess Tara will have to celebrate without me...

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