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Bruce [userpic]
Still Legal

Yesterday was odd.

Like I have even days.

Couldn't really get to sleep - I think that between my last post and 11:00am I got maybe an hour's worth. When I wasn't simply having trouble breathing, I was having moments of remarkable clarity about my present financial situation.

Is scary shit.

Basically, I've become used to living at a deficit, and pumping in a bit of extra money every couple of months or so from savings. I've now completely cashed out my IRAs. And, while the option has been floated, I really don't want to start bleeding my parents' savings as well.

It's fairly inevitable that they'll be dead in the next few years. I would, however, prefer that they not be destitute before that happens.

I was rescued from all that cheerfulness by a call from tankgirl, who needed a ride home from central San Jo. So I cleaned up a little bit, found her, and then drove back downtown for lunch at the new Erik's.

Then I dropped her off, came home, actually showered, dressed in fresh clothes, and started the day's adventures.

Well, actually, I did a little bit of stuff at home first, which turned out to be a beneficial delay, for once. I had bought some toner refills on eBay around the 2nd, which hadn't arrived yet. Checking the USPS confirmation page, nothing had happened by the 12th. Yesterday, there was suddenly notice that a delivery attempt was made on the 5th, and a tag left (Lies!).

So I printed out the page.

I also checked the mail, and the last IRA checks had come through - all $340.23 of them.

So I headed back downtown, picked up my toner, dropped by the bank, deposited my checks, and then started the trek up to beautiful San Francisco. It was actually a lovely day for a drive, and at 2:30pm, not a bad time for it.

I probably would have enjoyed it more had I been more conscious, though.

I parked right next to Julie's around 3:30pm, and strolled on down to the courthouse, where the line was, well, pretty long (out the door of the waiting room), but not ridiculous. It probably would have gone faster if every single person in line weren't arguing with a clerk.

It took me maybe 5 minutes once I got there, and that's because of the concentration necessary to write semi-legibly (which I hopefully pulled off). I believe the form they had me sign is illegal in CA, because it looked like a waiver of my right to a trial de novo (I didn't get a copy), but I don't want to show up in court, anyway.

At 4:15pm, I was back in my car, and deciding what to do - it was the last day of my extension, so making it to the courthouse had been necessary. But I'd promised a visit to my parents.

So I had a half-hour call, instead. They didn't have a problem with the time (I usually arrive ridiculously late), but the still dripping/coughing part they weren't thrilled with. So we rescheduled for Tuesday, and I headed home at rush hour.

Getting out of the City was easy, but things were backing up near the airport, so I decided to check out the TGIFriday's off the 380. Yep, it's gone. But there was a Chili's nearby.

It was my usual Chili's experience. Reasonably nice service, and barely edible food. Do they really think that "Cajun blackened" means rubbed in savory salt?

I got out of there around 6:00pm, and started back on the trek south. I got 10 miles before my next enemy, food coma, hit. I think I took the Whipple road exit - at the time, it was "that thing that looks like it leaves the freeway." I found the first side street with parking, and passed out until 7:30pm or so.

Then home. I actually did a couple of things here before climbing in bed, but by 9:00pm, I was fast asleep. And now I'm awake, at least temporarily.

Maybe I'll go get me a MySpace page. I hear that's what the young'uns are doing these days...

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: awakeawake

sure enough all these youngen's are gettin' these MySpace thingys. Also facebook. I can't do either....I don't want my students finding me. I'm too strange 4 them. And way too perky

It's rather amazing the number of effective restrictions there are on teachers.

misswong77 has a MySpace, but there's nothing there - it just allows her to check up on her students...

Pssshhh. Myspace is SO 2003. Get a Facebook.

I actually need to do both. Something about developing a wide-ranging presence, or some such BS.

Before the military cut off access the demographics were that myspace was for enlisted men, and facebook was for officers.
Then again, Artemis' kid at West Point was weirded out when she joined facebook. I pointed out that facebook originated at Harvard, where she had attended law school.
Now facebook is heavy with javascript, and they seem to want their "status" thingy to compete with twitter, and there are all sorts of 3rd party "applications" which want to snarf your database entries and transfer your personal information to ... somewhere.
Really, though, try facebook if only for the drama/amusement of watching the "relationship" thingy of "friends". It's touchingly weird to watch the progression of that database field for cousins and nephews and nieces.

Shortly after Facebook became popular, there was a major rumor that it was a CIA or FBI front company, developed for the purpose of building a large database of, well, faces and personal data...

I rather doubt it, though I wouldn't be surprised that someone in the government is mining the information, since it's there.