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Monday, Monday

Slow day and slow night.  But pleasant.

Went to lunch with timenchanter and his co-worker (and friend) Amy.  Then came home to deal with the latest drama with Llorona (Apart from stormmonkey still being out of touch).  There's apparently now some sort of official complaint, and possibly a large fine.

So I went back to sleep.

The show this evening was a lot of fun, though I have my doubts that the bar broke even.  The usual suspects were there, with the exception of dancin_whitey, who it appears is following through on his resolution to stop living at the bar.

In fact, during most of the night, the rotation was 8 singers long, which beats some other mondays I've done.

unbreak_able made some comment about how I picked my songs, so I offered to let her do it.  The next thing I knew, the whole bar was going through slips.  I was handed an ordered pile of something like 10 songs.  It was cute, and actually took some work off my shoulders.  Also, fortunately, Do Me didn't come up until most everyone had left.  I do not know that song.  It helps that our one new singer, Tanisha (I'm positive I'm misspelling that name - there's too many variants) sort of knew it and was willing to take a mic.

Actually closed down about 1:00, simply because, well, I was out of people.  Then ended up talking with bluize about multiple personalities we had known until 2:00.  Not a conversation I was expecting to be in about then, but an entertaining one nevertheless.  Hopefully at least mildly entertaining for Eddie...

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