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Bruce [userpic]
Pretty Colors!

It's been an entertaining couple of days. I've gotta say, it's certainly... different... running shows while slightly feverish, but I'm really getting tired of having to exercise what little abilities I have to announce and sing with laryngitis.

Wednesday during the day was largely spent sleeping, or at least trying to.

I debated not making it up to Julie's, but let's face it - this is me. I'm not, in the end, gonna be deterred by little things like an hour commute while woozy. I got some Dayquil (First indication that I'm really sick. Most medications make it worse, in the end. I avoid them), had some soup at Panera, then made it up to the City without hitting anything.

I even set up without dropping anything heavy on my foot.

In some ways, I should have stayed home. We didn't have any singers until 9:30pm, and even with that, most rotations were about 3 people deep. I gave up around 1:35am, after having sung for the fifteenth time.

And that doesn't count all the videos I played while waiting for other people to come up with songs.

Even Amity left early. On the other hand, around midnight or so, Justin started putting in songs, and Anthony did as well - along with the couple of girls he'd brought in (Natasha and Sam - "654 House"). And there were some people I hadn't seen before that seemed to have a good time.

A large part of the business is trying to entertain people you've never seen before. A small fraction of those will come back - and even tinier fraction will become regulars. To some extent, one does better with the people that only come in 2-4 times a year, because they generally spend more. The problem is the wait while gradually building that group.

Speaking of which, according to Justin, I should expect Hollie back next week - as well as a larger porn contingent. Given some tensions, there's a possibility of a catfight.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway, income for the night, including tips, was more than the gas to get up there, but not a lot more.

For a change, George didn't help me with teardown, but then, he was having an animated discussion with the owner of the Cat Club. It sounded fascinating. Too bad (for me) that it was in Chinese.

Anyway, I drove off around 2:45am, feeling, if anything, slightly worse than I had on the way up there.

Still didn't hit anything.

But I did avoid stopping for dinner, because I didn't feel like I could sit in a booth for any length of time.

To give an idea of how out-of-it I was, despite Cher having zapped the power on my system again without a shutdown, I did not unload the system and set it up at home so I could run diagnostics.

I did that after NYE, despite being sick with something completely different. But then, that disease was pretty minor.

I spent from about that point until around 5:00pm Thursday in bed, alternately sweating and shivering. Much with the excitement.

Though there was the set of dreams doing something similar to particle physics, only with the Rapture, where I was ensuring that the right quantities of different types of people would converge and, um, annihilate...

I wasn't feeling great when I left fot KoC at 7:05pm, but I wasn't feeling as bad as I had the previous night.

I managed to get set up largely on time, and in fact started only 5 minutes late. Which is good, given that the first rotation ended up being 29 people long. We were packed.

According to timenchanter we weren't hugely profitable, but we were packed. Just with people that weren't consuming very much.

To cover the highlights: sparkle_journal and jackal_logic showed, after far too long of an absence. (Big) Alex's group was out in force. A new couple, Kathy and David J, held on for two rotations before giving up. sugarbare put in a rare appearance with mvmedic. We also had Honey and tankgirl for a bit, with Angela sporting one hell of a nice short skirt (rowr!). Not to mention David T, supersniffles, justnate, dionuse, kizmet100, and Robin.

And the unforgettable one-two punch that is Jorgie and Trankenstein.

I ran for 5 rotations until about 1:45am.

By the end of the night I was feeling reasonably OK, not to mention gratified that I hadn't made any egregious errors. This was somewhat challenged by the fact that Trankie not only locked his keys in his truck, but after getting in with his spare key, he locked that in as well.

Timmie had to go and sleep a little before his giant drive to Vegas, so I was left holding the bag, so to speak. It took calls to a couple of places, but I found a tow truck that would come out in 30 minutes (the first one would be there "by 7:00am").

It took 28. I know, because Trankie, to pass the time, decided to tell me a good part of his life's story. Which, I must admit, had its interesting aspects. A large amount of it, though, was of the "Damn, I can't unlearn that" class.

There are some pretty good reasons why Wayne is so fucked up.

As soon as the tow truck showed up, I was out of there.

Then some warming and food at April's.

Leaving Denny's, I discovered that I wasn't quite as well as I'd thought. I frequently get the shivers leaving a warm restaurant, full, for the cold. These were chills. In fact, I got a cramp in my lower back about a third of the way home, just from the out-of-control shivering. It was kind of embarrassing.

But I'm home now, and unloaded, and feeling generally OK, if a little sniffly. I need to get a bit of sleep before heading back up to the City - today's the end of my traffic ticket extension.

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A few more nights like that, and you'll be ready to write The Great American Trannie Novel.

"Trankie & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Trannie"


Now a Major Motion Picture!


Somehow, I doubt she would properly catch the horror of the situation...

Does Tranky make a habit of locking the keys in the car? It seems that that has happened before.

Yes, yes he does. This is the second time I've rescued Wayne, and he was talking about another recent encounter.

The funniest thing is that he now keeps a spare key for these eventualities. In fact, he had to use it.

Then he locked the spare key in as well after using it...