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Bruce [userpic]
Not Quite a Disaster...

We just narrowly averted needing a new teapot.

I'm drinking a lot of tea right now (mostly the cinnamon stuff synkitty gave me. Not bad stuff at all).

Sunday night, while trying various songs that I don't normally do, I put out a remarkably decent rendition of Without Me, marred only by two large coughing fits. timenchanter said something like "You're not getting sick, are you?"

I'd just gotten over a disease! I wasn't getting sick again! It is to laugh! Hee Hee Hahahahahaha cough sputter snort cough cough hack... hack... ermmmm...

So yeah, I'm drinking a lot of tea right now.

My habit in the past has been to just fill a mug with water, and microwave it until just past the boiling point (3:30 on our microwave). It's fast, convenient, and gives out a chiming sound when it's done.

Unfortunately, if Timmie is running both his computer and his space heater, it also blows a breaker. Why my room doesn't do that more often, I dunno, but when it does I have three separate UPSes for the various pieces of powered equipment. It's mostly a question of dealing with the chorus of beeps until I get outside and flip the breaker back.

So, in the interests of domestic tranquility, I've been boiling tea in the teapot. I'm actually not sure which is more efficient (gas vs electricity, direct conduction vs microwaves, and largish mass of water vs one mugful. The odds are heavily on the side of the teapot, though the water mass question is a valid one), but one thing is certain: Our teapot doesn't whistle.

Which means one has to remember to go check on it.

I'm easily distracted.

I just remembered - barely - that I'd put a pot on after reading a full set of comic archives. Fortunately, there was still water in the pot. Half a mug's worth, as a matter of fact. So I had to boil yet more water.

If the comic had been much longer, we'd be shopping for a new teapot.

One that whistles.

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Mood: amusedamused

*beats you over the head with one of these*

(It's in stock at the Target nearest you and the Oakridge store.)

(Wipes away the scalding water)


You know, I even have a hot water pot - I take it to the show when that's the only way to survive the evening.

But then, it uses electricity, which is kind of the problem in the first place...

Yes, but unlike a hotpot or a kettle on the stove, this SHUTS OFF when it's done. And I would bloody well hope it doesn't draw as much as a microwave.

Shutting off is a good thing. And the draw is likely much, much lower, especially since this is an antique machine that belonged to Larri's dad.

It sterilizes your food and everyone in a 30' radius...

Of course, what I need right now is More Stuff™.

I've done that more times than I would like to remember... I need a whistling teapot or something like it as well. :/

LOL maybe you should find one that whistles anyways...just for safety's sake.

Heh! Elly did that the other day. She doesn't have a waterpot but put water in a saucepan to boil for hot chocolate and then went back to sleep. However the hot water pots that shut off automatically are reeeaaallly nice. Often faster too. I used to use one at work when making Jello with the kids.

If the comic had been much longer, we'd be shopping for a new teapot.

Or quite possibly a new place to live...

Be careful with that stuff, man!