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Sleep Dep

I just had 8 hours of sleep. It feels marvelous, and after last week, quite... unusual.

Wednesday, I was up early to deal with the glut of discs and the potential Saturday gig - which I apparently didn't get. They were supposed to call back Friday if I got the job, and well, said call didn't happen.

Of course, if this is like the Julie's gig, it means that they'll offer me the job in 3 weeks, when they get exasperated with the alternatives. But whatever - I had some misgivings about the venue, anyway, and this gives more flexibility for another possible gig.

Speaking of which, I need to make a phone call.

Wednesday night was much fun, if not a huge amount of profit. tankgirl decided to caravan with me up to the City, and spent the whole night at Julie's - despite the cold. Wednesday was particularly cold and clear, and the two space heaters could only do so much vs. the plate glass windows and leaky swinging doors.

Now if we'd had a crowd, it would have been different. But it was pretty slow. Patrick showed up, which was a lot of fun - though he had to do every voice in Dancing Through Life ("I need Timmie!"), and didn't really have enough room for the full dance routine.

Wish I could remember his companion's name. Sean?

We had a number of regulars, but they all came in, had a few drinks, sang a couple of songs, and left. They seemed to leave cheerfully enough, but I was never able to build up a crowd. Even Jessica sang just one song and took off. Her friend Shondra, who'd only been in once before, stayed most of the night. She's one of those irritating people with a beautiful voice and zero self-esteem. The usual "that wasn't perfect so I suck" BS.

'Round about 1:00am, I finished off the 12th and final rotation, which I believe was the second one in a row consisting of just myself and Angela (who's decided to be "Angel" at that venue).

We caravaned enough to get her out of the City, and headed southward. I lost track of her fairly quickly, largely because I wasn't totally conscious. There were a number of microsleep incidents on that drive - fairly scary. I finally pulled into April's Denny's, and nodded off in the parking lot for about 15 minutes before heading inside.

Not really by choice. I wasn't able to figure out how to get out of the car...

Fortunately, food, warmth, and drama was enough to get me to wake up. I never figured out exactly what happened, except that there was a large crowd of girls from the Brass Rail there (when the hell did the Rail start hiring attractive girls?), and one of them had had some sort of meltdown. I think associated with being fired.

The police were called, but didn't arrive for a while. There was much with the yelling. Oddly, what bothered me most was a couple of bikers. I dunno how to describe the type properly. The first thing I noticed walking in was their bikes - both very recent model, top-of-the-line Harleys (so they both make quite a bit of cash). One was parked under the overhang outside the entrance, which was OK - it was pretty much out of the way. The other was parked in the striped area between the handicapped parking spaces.

Soooo not OK. There's something fairly impressive about making both handicapped spaces effectively useless without even parking in one of them.

They were sitting a few booths down from me, in spanking new Harley jackets and bright, fresh bandannas, complaining loudly that all the cute girls were at the other end of the building - never mind that the girls were, y'know, trying to deal with a fight. When this rather cute redhead (who'd apparently been attacked) started pacing up and down in the front area, trying to calm down, they spent their time transparently trying to get her to sit with them, completely ignoring the fact that she really wasn't in the mood for sitting with a couple of randy middle-aged tough guy wannabes.

I used to ride, and I'm male. It was profoundly embarrassing having that much in common with these assholes.

They finally left, as did the girls. I finished my meal in peace, and was awake enough to make the drive home.

I got some more of the new discs incorporated, then slept for a few hours - I had a 1:30pm opthamologist's appointment Thursday afternoon. Apparently, there's an indication of some slight macular degeneration in my right eye - the type frequently associated with glaucoma. I now have some eyedrops for that eye. Joy.

Then back home to work on the discs. I managed to get 4 of the 6 fully incorporated before having to leave for Thursday's show. I also managed an hour's nap in there somewhere.

I was a little late, which is too bad - there were enough people that starting on time might have made a slight difference. It was a fairly packed night. In the end I ran for five rotations, the last three of which were from midnight to 2:05am.

So I'm not gonna list everybody. (Big) Alex's group was there, the David T/chaoswolf group came out, including a sailorv61, we had several hours of kshandra, quite a lot of markobellydance, quite a bit less of celticnoor, Kristin's group (with a slightly different line-up: Kristin, Craig, Liz, and Yokah), yet more Angela (this time with added Honey), snafflekid (who sang one song, dropped off homemade sweets, then left), and Dan (on a last night before heading back to Ohio (I think it's Ohio), having finally landed a job back home).

Not to mention Robin, kizmet100, moahb, supersniffles, and all three Nates (hogarthhughes, dionuse, and justnate).

And Jorgie, who brought friends. Friends that sang - they were actually a pretty fun little group.

Definitely a good time. I was a bit off, mostly because of the lack of sleep, but I didn't fuck up too badly. I had a terrible time getting the sound right, though - at the beginning of the evening, it was very muddy, in part, I think, because someone took down one of my stage speakers (they were working on the heater). I ended up raising the highs on the house board, which I normally don't play with. And the amp leading to the front door speaker took a bit of kicking to get to work.

I'll hopefully have the new one installed tomorrow - though I suppose I should check with Wayne. There's a fear that Jose's group may have done it, and they can do some odd stuff.

Yeah, a call to Wayne is in order this afternoon. Joy.

After the show, there was again an April visit, this time with timenchanter, Cindi, Nate, Robin, and Maggie. There was much telling of terrible jokes, and an all-around good time.

Then home, and some sleep. I got up at noon, because I was heading up to the Dome. There was some outside plumbing repair work to be done, which required daylight. Getting up at noon meant I was able to make it by 4:00pm...

The plumbing was done, a stool was assembled, dinner was consumed (Mmmm... salmon...), and the requisite general conversation. A pleasant visit, and I was even awake for a fair amount of it. They sent me home around 10:30pm, with instructions to get some sleep.

So of course I headed over to Sarah and Paul's party, where I hung out with them, Cruz, sjgrrrl, intrusting, and Ramon. A pleasant little group. We ended up playing 80s Trivial Pursuit, which was, if anything, even more irritating than the normal game...

I got home around 2:00am, and slept. I'm feeling remarkably alert right now, though this might change in the near future. In the meantime, there's still disc assimilation to be done, and I need to figure out what I'm doing this evening. I'm kinda overbooked...

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