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Bruce [userpic]

Sleep for a few hours, and you get 6 Sound Choice discs that you didn't expect right now, and a potential regular Saturday job offer in Campbell.

The discs are likely not going to be incorporated by this evening, 'cause I have a meeting with Syndee at 3:00...

It's a very strange life.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: curiouscurious

Where in Campbell?! That so much closer for me!

Well, I haven't talked to her yet, so nothing's solid.

But it's the Grill'em restaurant/bar, 2509 S. Bascom.

I haven't even heard of the place. Hm, will have to check it out if you make it happen.

The website's here. According to Google, DiCicco's used to be at that address.

I've been hearing radio ads for the place for a little bit, so they must have recently opened. It's kind of a fad idea - you grill your own steak at the table. But I can see it being made to work.

And they claim to have a full bar, so who cares?

Though they say they're only open until 11 on Saturdays. Hrm.

Wonder if it's a situation like BJ's, where the main seating area closes at 11, but the bar's still open.... I guess you'll find out in 90 minutes.