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Bruce [userpic]

I finally got to sleep yesterday around 8:00am - and then got myself up at noon. There were things to do.

I got my battery case from Jameco, some miscellaneous adapters from MicroCenter for kshandra and gridlore, more paper from Xpedx, and lunch at Taxi's.

Oh, and I picked up my new phone case from the post office. It was cheap, and my "spare" case doesn't do much to protect the phone, so I thought I'd try it.

Meh. For some reason, I've yet to find a decent case for the 680, and now the damn thing's way out of date. Whatever, it's still better protection than what I had - and it seems to be good enough at preventing random keypresses through the case, which is a problem I've had with every one so far.

Then home for a bit, where I didn't do too much productive - after all, that might trigger actually dealing with my problems. Sigh.

Though I did nap, which is a good thing.

Around 7:00pm, I headed down to Offhand Manor, for another wrestling match with their new PC. I didn't lose too badly, though the new disc still isn't installed, because the only bay they have free is a 5¼" one, and adapter rails weren't something I thought of. Still, I managed to transfer Doug's address book over from their old machine.

And Kirsten took me out to dinner at BJ's.

Then home, where I've mostly slept. I think. Certainly the time's been blurry.

I may just do some more of that.

It's interesting. On the whole, everything that's going on is pretty positive. But overlay that with a general sense of impending doom, and it somehow just doesn't feel all that cheery.

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Your timing sucked, btw - I was JUST about to fall asleep when that text message came in. ;-) In any event, the system specs are here.

Well, if it helps any, I was just falling back asleep when your comment notification came in...

I'll check the specs later today.