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Bruce [userpic]

It's been quite the exciting day. Woo.

I woke up for a bit around 1:00pm, did a couple of the myriad things I desperately need to do, and then tried to go back to sleep, relatively ineffectively, until I gave up at 5:30pm. In the end, I got to the bar around 7:40pm, in not the best of moods.

I got started around 8:15pm. It could have been a bit earlier, but kizmet100 wanted to do suicide, and I wanted to build up a reasonable buffer before starting.

The first round was myself, timenchanter, Maggie, chaoswolf, and David T. David also opted for suicide, which was slightly unusual. On the one hand, David called me various forms of "cruel." On the other hand, both of them sang most every song I gave them.

Around 10:00pm, Hex and Kellen showed up, so we had one 7-person rotation. But then we took a heater break, and David and Chaos left. Then dionuse showed up - and Hex and Kellen took off.

In the end, we ran for 19 rotations before 1:50am. That includes two 20 minute breaks.

There were other people, like Liz (and Guillermo), and a very welcome appearance by hektikat. But mostly, pretty dead night. Weekend income was down by 62%.

So it goes.

Nate-o got indoctrinated to that which is Tran, then he and Timmie took off - and I'm sitting here at Denny's, where I just finished a fascinating discussion with April. Her husband's a Caltech grad, and is going to Stanford for graduate work in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. The more I talk to this woman, the more there is to her...

Current Location: Denny's
Mood: blahblah

sounds like a fun night. 4 months til I can join you!!!

Le sigh

I wanna do karaoke again.


Re: Le sigh

But we don't have Mountain Dew bottles for yer chaw!

If you get the job in Oakland, well, one of my gigs is right across the bridge.

In Arkansas, I dunno. The thought kinda scares me. Tennessee, I gather, mostly has a ton of pro wannabes, but then the report I heard was from someone who moved to Nashville.

Re: Le sigh

Now you've heard the rumors. I don't need no stinking bottle, cause I never spit.


As for Arkansas karaoke...well, at least it's a new audience who have never heard me sing "Smooth" or "If Your Gone". And, bonus....they've probably never heard anyone sing those two songs without a thick accent. :)

Re: Le sigh

So now we know you swallow...

And, to be a complete West Coast snob, what are the likelihoods that they've heard the songs at all?

Re: Le sigh

Now, they have music stations down here that play more than country music. They are just a little behind the times. I believe 867-5309 Jenny is the number one hit right now. Do you have that in your uppity up cataloge? hmmmm?

Re: Le sigh

Why yes, yes I do (two versions). I actually have a fair collection of classic rock. :-)

Re: Le sigh

Classic rock = AC\DC.

867-5309 Jenny = classic pop, aka "the beginning of the end"

LOL. I miss you guys