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I woke back up around 2:00pm, which at least meant I had some sleep - though I've been a tad woozy since then, probably because I've really done a number on what remains of my sleep cycle.

I finally got out of the house around 4:00pm, largely because I (sigh) did more disc shopping. It's not that I have the money for it, but these were rare older Sound Choices at $9.99 a disc. How could I resist?

So if any of those are, y'know, actually in stock, they should show up by the end of the week. I've never actually managed to get a disc out of this company - they seem to have a habit of declaring they have discs that are simply not available...

A quick trip through Fry's for some doodads for the Offhand Manor project, then up to the Dome. I did a few minor chores, had a pleasant dinner, then faded around 9:30pm.

Which meant that, of course, I dropped by chez kshandra, and did a little more to gridlore's new computer. One more visit, and I should be able to get this particular one put to bed.

Then home by around 11:00pm, where I've done laundry and downloaded music. The vast majority of my clothes are clean (I have pants! And underwear!), and my sheets have finally been done.

It wasn't exactly a good business decision, but I bought the Ludo album, because they're awesome. I've been looking for a karaoke version of Love Me Dead since I first heard the song on the radio. The rest of the album is all good stuff.

Anyway, I'm gonna go enjoy my clean sheets. It'll hopefully be warmer in there. With all of my equipment and my space heater going continuously, I've managed to bring my room to a broiling 63°.

I could swear this was supposed to be California...

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