Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Too Damn Busy

It's just not right that full days mean not enough time to write about them. The last few days have definitely been.

New Year's Eve, I made it up to Julie's relatively early (about 6:00pm, I believe), in part because traffic just wasn't an issue. Then I sat around, because George wasn't there, and he was the final arbiter on whether I was playing in my normal spot, or back in the dance area.

He opted for the bar around 7:00pm, which gave me just enough time to run some of my cables before a 12-person group started dinner right there. While I was waiting, I passed the time by moving tables for Rachel.

kshandra arrived around 8:40pm, which gave me one singer (and a lifesaver for the night). A little bit later a girl named Yvette gave me a song, and the night started.

A very odd night. Pretty much none of the regulars were there, and not a single regular sang. The guy who organized the 12 person dinner (Keith) wanted to stay and sing karaoke, but a fair number of his friends objected vociferously, so after a few songs, they left. We had a few other people show up. The rotation stuck at about 5 people until about 10:00pm, when most everyone left, putting just a teeny strain on Kirsten and myself.

Especially since I'd started the night with laryngitis.

But around 10:30pm another group showed up, and more came in, so we were at least not empty at midnight.

I had my clock display working, and the system synchronized to the net through my phone. So of course, just before midnight, they switched the main TV over to the ball drop. Which was, by the way, about a second off.

Eh. At least I was prepared.

We limped along with a small crowd (including this absolutely awesome middle-aged group including a guy named Andy, who was a riot), until something like 12:30am and the 14th rotation.

Then it seemed like the whole damn city walked in and wanted to sing at once. I had to cut the rotation short just before 2:00am, at which time we had a devil of a time trying to shovel people out the door. I can't describe the whole thing. This little gaggle of chinese girls danced in front of me for hours, which was... quite pleasant. People trying to convince me that they should be up next because they were that good - some of whom were. My favorite was the guy who wandered in at 1:50am, and wanted to sing immediately.

Around 2:05am, Rachel was running around, gathering up glasses, muttering something about ABC being on its way, so I did my best to help clear tables, and pointed her at a couple of groups that still had drinks in their hands.

Then Cher cut the power to the stage area before I had time to shut down my PC. That was just a bit irritating. But then, the full disk scans I did later that morning showed no problems, so no biggie. I just had to take the time to run them.

A nicely profitable night, both in general pay and tips. It seemed like it was probably depressing for the DJ, though. I think the most he ever had dancing was 4 people...

I finished loading up, and Kirsten and I got out of there around 3:30am, and headed on down to the Cardinal, where we decompressed.

Then home, where I unloaded (which I hadn't planned to do), ran the disc scans, and started in verifying track length for the recent Rhapsody downloads. I forget when I slept - sometime during the day. I was a little late to the bar because, hell or high water, I was going to grab dinner at Panera. My throat wanted soup.

Though I was much better than Wednesday. Mostly I'm stuck with the whole leftover phlegm thing at this point.

Still, even though I got to the bar not too long before 8:00pm, I started at 8:40pm, only 10 minutes late.

A fun little night. In fact, not all that little, though I don't know about profits (a lot of the people there weren't exactly heavy drinkers).

We started with the chaoswolf/David T. contingent, including David's new girlfriend Liv, who seems very nice. Then there was little Sarah, and her boyfriend(?) David A. She's always fun - and he was quite a nice singer.

synkitty, Megan and Allison (for the last time for a while for Allison - she's heading back to England), moahb, quite a bit of the mouthwatering candiddani, kizmet100, a girl named Amy Marie who I think I should remember but don't, hogarthhughes and Vanessa, his wondertwin (which meant Nhât actually sang multiple times, as did Vanessa, despite many misgivings on her part. She sounded pretty damn good), markobellydance, Billy, Trankenstein in his Wayne incarnation, a bit of trivialt, supersniffles, justnate, and Robin.

Most of them stayed through to about 1:00am, too, so the rotation count was only six, two of those being from 1:00am to 2:00am.

Shutdown took forever, because I was tired or something. timenchanter took off to hang out with Stan, and, after a stop to say hello to April and grab some food, I went home, where I should have slept.

Instead I worked on the Rhapsody thing. It turned out to be just the one file. After what felt like an hour of arguing with a drone over chat about the problem ("I. am. not. running. the. Rhapsody. software."), he gave me credit for a download. Which meant I couldn't download the same file (it was an "album-only" track), but I could get the same damn track from a different album.

Which may have been a good thing. The new file's about the same length, which was scary. But it works, because unlike the old file, the new one isn't a solid mass of 0s for the last third of the file. It wasn't that the download didn't work. The friggin' file was corrupted.

That all brought me to about 9:30am. And the next project. The battery case for the tip jar is broken, and while sitting at Denny's, I found a cheap replacement at Jameco, made especially cheap by the fact that I could go pick it up in Belmont - according to their site, after 9:00am on January 2nd.

It was after 9:00am on January 2nd. And I wanted it before Sunday. So I climbed in the car, bought gas, bought the requisite McDonald's breakfast, and tooled on up to Belmont.

To find they were closed, because their website lies.

Then the another half-hour drive back home, where I started preparing for bed. It was about 11:00am at this point.

So, of course, Kirsten texts to ask when I'm coming over. This had been discussed Wednesday - she and gridlore had just acquired a new computer, and wanted help setting it up, and transferring files from the old one. It's likely I would have blown them off, if she hadn't relayed Doug's "help me, Obi Wan Karaoke!"

There's no way I could sleep with a pun of that... depth... hanging over my head. So I cleaned up a little bit, and headed down to South San Jo.

It should be pointed out that they did buy me a very nice lunch at Chili's. I was even conscious enough to not fall face-first into my plate.

I think I may even have helped with the setup, though the main kludge I attempted apparently failed about 5 minutes after I left at 5:00pm.

I managed to make it home, and slept fairly soundly until about 11:00pm. At which time I noticed Eddie's texts. I knew there was supposed to have been a party for him last night, but I hadn't heard anything about it - because he didn't send anything out until shortly after I passed out.

But whatever, they were still going. I took a shower, did my usual useless puttering around, and eventually got to their place around 2:00am - and hung out until near 6:00am, through several very nice conversations, and some odd drama (not theirs). I got to see Lizz, which was nice, though she was only conscious enough to faintly say "hi."

And now I'm home, and typing this rather than sleeping. Which I shall now attempt to correct.

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