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Bruce [userpic]

After I got home from the Cheesecake Factory, I saw I had a message from Warren, asking me to have Julz call him about, well, this evening.

So I did the easiest thing (for me), and headed on over to the bar. The girls are, as far as I'm concerned, way outclassed in this case, but they are free tomorrow.

And actually, I'm probably feeling more negative than I should be because of a fear that they'll do better than I have. I mean, technically they're a disaster area, but a lot of people like them. They got some sort of award as "best karaoke show" as part of the whole contest thing, which is freakin' scary.

I gave them Warren's number, Julz knows the address, I diagrammed the setup area, made recommendations for speaker placement, pointed out where hooks were for hanging cables, and marked down system hookups.

Then I showed them how to hook up their mixer to a house system, since Warren will insist on that. I kinda figured one of the reasons they use their own speakers is that they didn't have the slightest idea how to hook up their equipment.

I realize I'm a technophile. Well, more correctly, a technogeek. But I still think that if you're using equipment, you should at least have a basic concept of how it works. Maybe, I dunno, RTFM or something...

Anyway. They've been prepped, at least as much as I can manage. Then we sat around BSing for about an hour, mostly about how much we think Jose's acting like a jerk.

Regular bunch of rays of sunshine, we all are.

Then I came home, verified the mic was still working (which is kinda silly, really. I'm not really sure what I'll do if it stops. I suppose more of the same, which at this point would be approaching the status of religious ritual as opposed to actual repair), cut a bunch of slips, bought some more background music, and did my usual reading of online comics.

Oh, and grabbed some Mcd's breakfast when I put stuff back in the car, because I could.

Now I'm gonna try to sleep, with the hope that I'll be less of a phlegm fountain when I get up.

A guy can dream.

Sigh. And some of the downloaded music was cut short again. Time for another complaint call to Rhapsody - once I go through the joy of figuring out what I'm missing. Whee!

It can wait until later.

I think I'm also being kinda negative because, while tonight should be fun, I rather doubt I'll be kissing anyone at midnight. I seriously need a staple remover for this hand stuck to my forehead...

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Oh ye of little faith....

What's the parking situation like at Julie's?


The street's normally got reasonable nearby parking, though a lot of it is supposedly off-limits for street-sweeping, starting at midnight.

I rather doubt that will be too seriously enforced this particular day.

They also have an arrangement, mostly for employees, involving the oil change place next door, once it closes at 7:00pm. I'm planning to be there quite early, and I can see about finagling an authorization or two out of the owners. It mostly involves making sure you have their business card displayed on your dash.

That would be fantabulous.

(Now to see if I remember where I put my tip necklace....)

I parked there one time without the card for 3 or 4 hours with no problem. But Probably better safe than sorry.

do you have mucinex or the pharmacy brand equivilant...it TOTALLY! rox...

Hmmm... I've used it before. I'm trying to remember how that turned out.

Most of the drugs I've used either (1) slow down production, but in the process turn what's made into a mass of concrete that glues itself to my vocal chords, or (2) frees up the vocal chords, but turns my sinuses into a free-flowing stream.

you may have had a similar reaction with Mucinex/or it's store brand version. for me, it usually cuts out any sinus issue, freeing me up for breathing, in btn. Very Productive coughing spells. usually, i'm fairly back to normal after a day or two of use. :D good luck.