Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Low Key

Last night was yet another pleasant time. Not precisely high energy, but fun as always.

Allison made it back, as did Megan, which was a plus. In fact, we had almost an embarrassment of cute females. This girl Amber wandered in at just about 8:15pm, with her boyfriend/date/whatever Liam. Extremely attractive girl, with an amazing level of stage fright.

I had to stop just short of dragging her on stage.

It's always the reticent ones. Her idea of an easy warm-up song was Benatar's Shadows of the Night, which she rocked. Then hid in a corner. Her performances got progressively more impressive until her last, Tedeschi's It Hurts So Bad, which was amazing. Then she ran out the door.

It would be great to see her again. Hell, it would be nice to see her with a recording contract. But I suspect I won't.

Then there was Pamela, this cute little thing that sang one song.

Plus a full evening of the always-sexy ms. candiddani.

On the unusual side, we also had one song from the departing Patrick, and a near full-evening of the elusive stuberyl, who spent her time singing songs near to my heart (Little Girls, even!). I just wish she projected more. She has a lovely voice, but it's a lot of work getting it audible without feedback.

And the always-good-to-see supersniffles, quite a lot of synkitty, a little bit of trivialt, a tiny bit of a rather subdued lucydogstringer, and some Billy.

Billy made up for getting there late by putting in huge-ass songs. I honestly didn't mean to delete all the songs on the playlist shortly before he finished One Scotch, One Bourbon, and One Beer, but if I was going to pick a song to cut short, I picked a winner. Not that I don't like the song, but it was 1 friggin' 30.

In fact, without that song, I would have been able to finish the 9th rotation at 2:00am, instead of 2:05am. Oh well.

In the end, the weekend was a little off-target (15%), but nothing to complain about too badly. It was a little odd getting a single dollar in tips, though...

I wasn't particularly "on" last night. Given I live with someone with a cold, and have recently made out with someone with a cold, it's not surprising I've come down with a cold. It was making its presence felt last night - mostly in minor stupid decisions. Well, at least I mostly gave people the right songs. And I only cut one short.

Though my ideas for suicide songs for Cindi were a little off-the-wall. Shouldn't complain, though - she had me write Oh L'Amour up.

And my handheld mic was back to being a pain in the ass. Towards the end of the night, it wasn't connecting at all. One of my activities when I got home was to flood the board end of the connection, both ends of the cable, and the mic itself with contact cleaner, then scrub everything with a brush. So far, it's still working - but then it tends to work at home.

I'm suspecting the problem has been at both ends of the cable, which is why disconnecting/reconnecting the mic tends to work, but only so far. Hopefully I'm right, and all will now be well. I have a NYE party to do, after all.

After the show, timenchanter and I went and hung out chez April, where he mostly read, and I surfed - until my battery died.

Then home, where I got to work. The printed books have been bound, and three of the worst of the older books have been dumped in the recycling. The aforementioned contact cleaner exorcism was performed. And I played with my on-screen clock display, since I need something I can cleanly pop up just before midnight tomorrow.

I believe I have it working.

Then I slept. Well, when I wasn't getting phone calls. I've been contacted by some DJ group about DJing a Bar Mitzvah (Um, no, ma'am, I'm not a DJ), and got two from Melissa (the TV), asking about the bar tonight.

Not to mention the stuff during the show last night, like Warren from the Swingin' Door wondering if I could do NYE there. I declined - in fact pointed him towards Julz - because, well, I've got a gig, and I don't drop one at the last minute.

Though I suspect that's what happened to him.

But mostly, Tuesday during the day, and well until the night, was devoted to unconsciousness. Which is likely why I'm feeling much better now. I'm still dripping, but all sore throat symptoms are gone.

I called off the planned evening with my cousin, and I'm just not up to the alternate one at Robin's. But when I got up at 9:45pm, I was hungry, which led me here to the Cheesecake Factory - they have soup.

Which I should now leave. They did close an hour ago. But I've still got some tea left...

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