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Bruce [userpic]
Mamma Mia

Sunday during the day was spent alternating sleep and wakefulness. The awake portions were spent either incorporating songs, or print a new book set. In fact, I was late for the show because I underestimated the length of time necessary to bind two books.

It even had an effect - if I'd been ready earlier, we could have started at 8:15pm, as opposed to 8:30pm.

That was because blankreloaded and entropyca strolled into the building around 8:00pm, which was quite cool. Not that Bjorn sang (of course), but it's always good to see him. And Casey drew me a couple more "Sad Bruce" pictures.

Things gradually picked up from there, though never to precisely epic proportions. We had 11 rotations before I stopped at 1:50am, and the very largest one was 12 people deep.

We had a little bit of Gary, a standard karaoke circuit kind of guy who just moved to San Jose from Santa Cruz, and who'd heard that we had good singers. He seemed reasonably happy.

Allison, Megan, and James also made it back, and may grace us again tonight. Allison is, of course, heading back to Cambridge shortly, but I'm hoping to see more of Megan. Nice, fun, and a good singer to boot.

Patrick was in for his last hurrah before completely moving up to the City. Of course, the one night a week he won't be in the City is Wednesday, so I won't see him at my show up there, either.

We also had quite a bit of both synkitty and supersniffles. Synthia went a little berserk over the Mamma Mia tracks - fortunately she's used to the stage arrangements as well as the movie ones...

A little bit of Honey, a pleasantly large amount of tlsthatsme, and a rather interesting visit by a rather intoxicated J. He claimed to be too drunk to sing.

We made him anyway.

And that's largely it for singers.

I wore the shirt my parents gave me Saturday, even though I discovered it was a 2XL. They apparently think I'm quite a bit larger than I am - I think the last one was the same size. My dad is always on me about my weight, which I tend to find odd, since I'm pretty much the same as he was at my age.

After the show, Cindi, Tobi, Timmie and I went off to hang out and have breakfast at Denny's. We went to the one further down Mathilda, and were later joined by Robin, who I gather walked there. A fun little time.

Then home, where I largely went to sleep. Today has been another alternate sleep/waking experience. I've managed to print up the pages for a couple more books, which I meant to have bound for tonight, but, well, I slept instead.

No biggie. They'll be ready just in time to be destroyed by drunk people at Julie's, New Year's Eve.

I'm largely through with dinner, and it looks like I'm going to be just a little late for the bar.


There was a time when I was mortified if I started 7 minutes late. I don't know if my present state is an improvement, a symptom of moral dissolution, or both.

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Mood: awakeawake

hey, thanks for the well wishes on my accident. I was wondering if you'd be able to give me a massage some time, since my whole body hurts. Sadly, I have no car anymore so we'd have to work something out. Hope you had a good (safe) holiday.

I should be free tomorrow - I'll text you in the afternoon.

And I think almost all of us had a safe holiday in comparison. Again, ouch.

You might want to try a hot tub - have the bf take you to Grand Central or something.

Moral dissolution!!! You deviant, you!!


I guess that means I should put you in the "both" camp.

Hugs right back!