Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Yes, it's more music. Surprised?

Today we're featuring PRO-002, with the music of Mamma Mia (most likely the stage version), and PS-4007, with 16 Hanukkah songs just in time for the last day.

And please, please, anyone who can: Check the entries for the Hanukkah disc. It's quite obvious that data checking was not foremost on the mind of the people that made the disc. Their track listing has four different spellings of Hanukkah alone. I realize that it's not that fixed a spelling in Latin characters, but you'd at least hope they'd pick one.

Not that, um, I have. I generally prefer Hanukkah, but Sandler likes Chanukah, so, well...

Also, I'm pretty sure that none of the songs are Yiddish (none of them seem to sound Yiddish, anyway), but I'm quite open to correction.

Anyway. The songs page is up to date, and a few discs dropped off from 3 months ago, so the update sheet is back down to a mere 14 pages.

The track count is at 14,037, and the unique song count is at 10,370.

New update sheets tonight, etc.

And now, the sleeping.

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