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The Light! It Burns!

Spent the afternoon talking with unbreak_able.  This began, quite normally, inside Starbucks.  Unfortunately, such a location was not conducive to the consumption of nicotine, so we moved to a nicely shaded outside table, where we enjoyed the remarkably good weather and predictably excellent conversation.

There were only two, related problems.  First, shadows have this disconcerting habit of moving during the day.  I suggest we put together a petition to have this stopped.  Second, I have inherited the type of Anglo-saxon complexion that tans in light drizzle.

I'm going to be bright red for a while.

We had a nice dinner, then I rushed off to get some aloe vera gel, and go to the show.

Apart from stifling heat, last night's show was simply excellent.  The rotation did get kind of long, but everybody got to sing a couple, the quality was good - just a nice time.

I debated having dinner in the Doubletree Coffee Garden, just to see if I could find some active fen, but then decided I was too tired, and headed home.

Baycon later today, after I've rested some.

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