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It's been quite a week. And fortunately, most of it was spent in a much better state of mind than Sunday morning.

Sunday during the day was spent mostly sleeping, followed by the first of two evenings with princesskiti22 hostessing. Obviously, therefore, a great time, though a bit slow. I think a fair amount of the clientèle were nursing hangovers at that point.

But still, wonderful people, including moahb, who lit his menorah in the presence of friends (and, I believe, loaned one to timenchanter for the week), and pointed out the lack of Hanuka songs in the catalog. That has since been (slightly) remedied, with another disc likely to arrive tomorrow.

A full night of Hex, who was, um, escorting Keri, a little bit of dionuse, a full evening of supersniffles (and firestrike), and some markobellydance, celticnoor, h20crazyguy, and trivialt.

hogarthhughes even sang a song, and we had a late-night visit by J.

But the real surprise of the night was Allison (ajayav's sister), out visiting from Cambridge. I haven't seen her for at least a year. She also brought a couple of friends, one of whom, Megan, has a hell of a nice voice.

I'm hoping to see more of her tonight, since Chip was planning to come in.

All-in-all, 9 rotations of a good time.

I can't pull up many memories of Monday during the day, so I suspect sleep may have been involved.

Monday's show was an astounding five rotations of fun. Keri was in fine form, in fact the most bustymcboob-like behavior I've ever seen her exhibit.

And my description of her as my "cream-filled hostess ho-ho" was made totally in the spirit of affection, shocked admiration, and bad puns.

At one point she confided in me that she was being wicked, so I had to sing back that no, she was wonderful. I'm not sure I've ever made her double over laughing before.

And yes, there were definitely other people there. Kellen, a friend of Keri's who just moved up here - much fun. I let her sing Closing Time at 2:00am. She was just sober enough to pull it off. She was brought by a guy named Tom (who sang). I believe Keri knows him as well.

And we had Stanley, and Patrick, and Terri, and Jason (the locksmith), and a pool room cuddle pile of Matt, maiandra, kshandra, and Cindi. Nate-o came out for a bit, but didn't stay too long (holiday depression). Joe and cybrenn both tried suicide, then learned better.

Oh, and let's see. Wade and Gloria, a nice couple of people that just happened to show up on that Monday, and seemed to enjoy themselves. Grant, who I think just wandered over from NASA (something about "being a rocket scientist just not cutting it any more").

And some rare justnate, some Robin, and a bit of chargerboy. Plus quite a few more.

Matt actually sang a song, and Kirsten gifted me a great "Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?" t-shirt.

A hell of a lot of fun, and a hugely profitable night. I made more than usual for the weekend even after paying Keri.

Then some supper and decompression chez April with Timmie, and sleep.

Tuesday was supposed to be my day of rest. This didn't occur for a a couple of reasons.

First, there was DK-2021. Since I've found a better ripping method, I've been gradually re-doing discs bit by bit, in an effort to clean up the collection. Most of the time, it's a simple matter of re-ripping, a quick read-through at triple speed, with an occasional required second rip. DK-2021 has been... recalcitrant. The disc surface looks fine, there are no obvious holes in the metalization, but the results have major obvious errors. I suspect the errors were present when the disc was stamped.

It sounds fine, which is always a relief. But the graphics need to be repaired by hand, which takes about an hour per track - sometimes more. Especially since these are DKs, which have notoriously complicated graphics.

I still have three tracks to do. I stopped because of the other reason, the shipment of 7 discs culminating in this post. None of them gave me any trouble, but it still takes forever to incorporate 105 tracks, especially with the data entry and associated checks (Wikipedia is my friend). All-in-all, I did scanning and data entry from about 1:00pm on Tuesday to around 9:30am on Wednesday, with a brief break to go grab lunch, get my oil changed, and buy gas.

I slept from 10:00am to 2:00pm on Wednesday, then got back up, because I expected another disc, and was planning to make it up to Julie's early to grab dinner there.

Two discs arrived instead. I didn't make it to Julie's early.

I made it only slightly late, and that because the Christmas Eve traffic was minimal. While still 5 minutes away, Cher called me to tell me not to bother driving up - it was likely to be dead. She apparently still hasn't figured out my schedule.

I showed up, and yes, it was dead. The idea was that I'd set up if five singers showed up. Never happened.

So instead, they fed me (yummy chicken and mushroom noodles and these amazing spicy rice pancakes), the few of us there watched movies (Transformers, Wanted, and Hellboy). I would have left before the end of Hellboy if I hadn't had both of those Kamikazes that Cher pushed on me...

Then she gave me $10 for gas money. Those guys are way too generous.

Then I got to drive back home through the deluge. My car wasn't parked far away, but I was still soaked by the time I got there. At least half the trip down the peninsula was made in rain so thick that I had to drive at 40mph just to maintain traction. A lot of fun, actually. It would have been more fun if I hadn't been exhausted.

Then a fruitless search for an open Taco Bell (it was just 2:00am on Christmas morning, I mean, c'mon!), then some not-what-I-wanted-but-at-least-it-was-available Jack-in-the-Box consumed in my room, followed by several hours of happy oblivion.

I'm reasonably rested now, and have clean clothes in the dryer. Several excellent people are planning to drop by the bar this evening, and I should at least have the time to drop by the Tower and say hi to sparkle_journal and jackal_logic. Life could be a hell of a lot shabbier.

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