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Moon Phase

November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]

I just finished a marathon of song assimilation, and thought I'd share the results. I offer for your perusal BEST-C001, a free custom disc that I used for a few requests, and also CLEG-037, CLEG-063, CLEG-166, CLEG-182, CLEG-243, and SC-9022. That's 105 tracks...

Quite a few repeats, of course, especially in the Legends discs, which were bought because they were (1) cheap, (2) adequate, and (3) frequently the only source I could find for some songs. In fact there're only 50 new songs in all that.

The songs page has, of course, been updated, including the now 14 page update sheet.

And there's more on the way - I have a disc due this afternoon, as a matter of fact, and another likely to arrive Friday.

The track count is now up to 13,972, and the unique song count is at 10,320.

I'm off to sleep for a few hours.

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yes!!! finally u have stop draggin my heart around!

It's the reason I bought that disc - most of the other songs are repeats.

It's been an oddly difficult song to get, given how much of a standard it is.

I just hope the version's decent enough...