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The Winter (for this hemisphere - look, I remembered this time!) solstice will be in 11 hours from the time I started this post - and I'm about to head to the Hamptons and party.

Furthermore, according to at least one chart, today's daylight length is shorter than tomorrow's, meaning that by original definition, right here, today was the solstice.

So, a merry Yule to all!

I did, in fact, drop by Julie's yesterday after my last post - and she was, indeed, calling Thursday night to ask me to come in right then. Kind of under duress.

Apparently the douche patrol from Wednesday is out here as part of some company, and they had enough fun to tell the CEO that they had a good time. So an even larger group descended on the club via limo late Thursday, and wanted karaoke so much that they badgered Cher into calling me.

She was apparently slightly relieved when I said no.

It makes a bit more sense. As New Yorkers, they wouldn't inherently realize that my starting around 2:00am would mean stopping almost immediately. They're more used to bars closing at 4:00am.

Anyway, I hung out and talked with Cher, George, and Anthony for an hour or so, then took the drive down to the Mariner's Point bar, getting there just a tad before 8:00pm - that being when they were supposed to cut the cake.

Mary (Steve's wife) showed up around 9:00pm, and Steve himself didn't make it until, I believe, 9:30pm. Which sorta fits. He's not particularly well known for punctuality (says the guy who started half an hour late on Thursday).

But 'twas OK. I hung out, talked to people (Well, mostly had people talk to me), and discovered that the bar stocks Campari.

By midnight, I was fairly blitzed.

I spent a lot of time hanging out with Melanie and her boyfriend, whose name I really must learn one of these days. Especially since he's a really cool guy - I'm just at that point where it's too embarrassing to ask.

I sang a couple of songs by Mel's request (Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me and Are You Gonna Be My Girl?), and did the male backing for Hey Baby with her. And, given I was drunk enough, danced with a couple of people.

Definitely a good time - though I really do need to talk to Steve about tricks to reduce his feedback issues.

There may already be a couple of YouTube clips of me mugging along to a couple of songs...

I took my leave around 2:30am, and headed back home, stopping only long enough to grab some Jack-in-the-Box.

By 5:00am, I was asleep.

And now, I'm finally starting to wake up - already half an hour late for the Hamptons, and with a fair amount to do. Which, I think, means I should stop fooling around and do it.

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