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Bruce [userpic]

Last night's show was pretty awesome. To start with, tankgirl tagged along with me, so I had a full night of her. The "Alex group" showed up, which is always fun, but also Patricia, who hasn't been in for at least 2 years - and whose singing has considerably improved.

She was there with her, uh, whatever-she-happens-to-be, Caera, a harper with a very nice (if quiet) voice.

genuine_snark and onyx101 were there for a couple of hours, the first time I've seen Geo in ages. We also had bluize and moonshae, snafflekid, supersniffles, cybrenn, Big Joe, Billy (sigh. At least we know he buys drinks.), and quite a few others.

Like the non-singing visit by firestrike and maiandra, who stuck around until Cindi got off work.

And then the Kristin group (Kristin, Chris E, Christina, and Sarah, for the singing portion of the group). Kristin was the acknowledged best singer of the contest Broadway semi-finals - she has an absolutely beautiful voice. They've been coming in to the Tuesday show ever since - this was the first time they've come into mine.

They were suitably impressed by the Showtunes section. I hope to see more of them, 'cause they were pretty awesome.

In the end, I had a total of 25 singers for the evening, and Adolfo. Adolfo just danced while his friends (Alex and Chuck) sang... the Macarena. I actually had a line of people doing the Macarena. It was both kinda cool and kinda disturbing.

Joyce, I think, said something about taking pictures. I pointed out that I didn't necessarily want the show known as the "home of the Macarena"...

A very fun evening, with enough people to keep the building acceptably warm. I even managed to fit in 6 rotations, despite being late (I didn't start until 9:00pm - which meant, of course, that I had people waiting). Of course, rotation 6 was between 1:45am and 2:00am...

Shutdown was reasonably rapid, then I took Angela home, 'cause she was wiped. Then Denny's near the Duplex (It's just not the same without April), and some sleep.

Not very much, because I got back up around noon, cleaned and prepared as best I could, and headed up to the City (around 2:30pm), in order to do something about my traffic ticket.

I now have an extension until January 16th. And am having a nice little relaxed dinner at one of regular restaurants.

Then I'll likely drop by Julie's, since Cher called me at about 11:45pm last night about packing up and doing a show at their place. I declined, simply because I don't, y'know, leave a show in the middle just because more money is immediately available elsewhere.

Not only is it pretty dickish, but it's incredibly bad business.

It didn't occur to me until this afternoon that I wouldn't have been ready to start until after 2:00am.

So I'm gonna talk to them, find out what's going on, and verify she didn't mean tonight. If she did, I may be scrambling back down the peninsula to grab all my stuff, then back up here. Otherwise, the plan is to drop in to DJ Purple's birthday party at Mariner's Point - and maybe go across the freeway to see what's up at the Swingin' Door. I've filled in for Keith at least twice, and never even met the man.

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