Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Fun and Douches

So, not too long after my last narrative post, the one thing occurred that would prevent me from climbing into bed.

Plus a viewing of Death Proof, which was a whole bunch of cheesy goodness.

I didn't get back home and to sleep until something like 10:30am.

I set an alarm for 4:30pm, because I needed to get ready for the Wednesday show.

I did my usual getting there slightly late, followed by the usual sitting around twiddling my thumbs for a bit. Well, actually, mostly talking to trivialt on the phone.

Then a few regulars started trickling in, plus a new group that was actually looking for a different bar, but found us instead - and hung around to sing (Monk, Noelle, Star, Gus, and a couple of others. It was Monk's birthday).

Then the New York group, brought in by Abby. Abby's this nice British girl (At least, she has the right accent), who's been in several times. The group she brought was on the order of 10 guys. And of them, I can say that Tony seems a genuinely good guy, whose heart is in the right place (and who sings not too badly).

It's unclear why he hangs out with the rest of the group. I think the guy who kept on monopolizing the mic to "MC" was called Steve. I believe that was also the guy that grabbed the mic from Star in the middle of her song, then didn't understand why I grabbed it back.

Definitely a situation that I didn't handle all that well. First off, she was singing in her own booth, and they wanted to use the other (red) mic. I left it off, and told them I wasn't turning it on. The downside is that the cap had popped off the bottom of the red mic, exposing the controls, and they'd fiddled with the mute slider, which I didn't discover for a bit.

Then they grabbed the yellow mic from Star. My first thought was to give her the red mic, but I couldn't immediately figure out how to make it work. So, in the end, I ended up wrestling the yellow mic out of Steve's hands, and giving it back to her.

In the future, I just need to remember to stop the song, and properly chew out the assholes involved. I mean, I can even sympathize that most of these guys are clueless about karaoke, but the main thing is that they just assumed that everyone would be happy with them taking over everything - more vitally, taking everything away from everyone else.

And the rest of the evening kinda proceeded on that basis, as the douche squad got progressively more drunk. On the plus side, Monk and friends said they'd come back later - they're really people I'd like to see more of.

There used to be a large, decorative gin bottle on a low dividing wall. The main remnant of that bottle is a cut on Rachel's finger. There was wrestling in the booths. One of the younger members of the group kept dancing like a loon, and would pick up and shake a chair at anyone that told him to stop - or told him to put his clothes back on. He'd also do his best to sing with all of his "friends" in such a way as to throw them off.

In fact, what finally got them kicked out was his trying the old "dance up onto a chair back and then ride the chair down" move, which really doesn't work on a smooth wooden floor. Sadly, he wasn't injured by the experience.

Surprisingly, both my equipment and a large proportion of my books survived the evening. I still need to go out, grab the book crate, and see what I need to repair. The bar only lost the bottle and a few glasses. Their chairs are remarkably sturdy.

The bar didn't make what you'd call a huge amount, given the obvious amount of drinking - so I didn't exactly get rich, either. The fact that the Dukes of Douche drove most of the regulars out might have something to do with it.

And Abby kept smiling through the whole thing, which reinforces my feeling that there is something inherently wrong with normal straight women.

The interesting thing is that the owners are now more fond of me, because I handled the situation calmly. I'm just glad it was a visiting group. Civilizing these guys would take a long, long time. Possibly years, and firearms.

With help, I was on the road by 2:30am, if more than a little exhausted. I stopped at April's both to eat and to wake up a bit - I'm not sure I'd have made the remaining 10 minute drive without running into something.

Then home, where I caught up on a day and a half of LJ, mostly while timenchanter snored on my bed. I think it was 6:00am when I finally shooed him off and out of the room so I could use it.

And now, I think a bit more sleep is in order. I should be able to squeeze an hour in.

And I still haven't done anything about the traffic ticket, dammit. The officer wrote that it needed to be handled by the 19th - the courtesy notice says the 29th. I'm probably OK handling things by the 29th, but I was hoping to have at least part of the process done by tomorrow, just to be sure.

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