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Bruce [userpic]

Another nugget from a Fark thread:

"Remember, fellas: Hot, smart and sane. You can only pick two. There are no exceptions."

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The $64,000 question then becomes "Which two did I get?"

And as soon as you pay me $64,000, I'll give you an answer.

I like to think it's a percentage thing. Start with 33.3% of each, then adjust as necessary. You can only have 100% of the total. :-)

Mmmmmmnope. I just can't see it as a zero-sum situation. For one thing, there are insanely hot, super-smart people out there.

I think I'm more visualizing it as a three-dimensional space with disallowed regions.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

More like Einstein's Law of Relative Ability.

The funny thing is that while it's not quite rubbish, it is a socially perceived norm, I believe because most of us want a known flaw in those we know, just so we don't feel that inferior.

People who are extremely attractive, stable, and smart? Especially if they also have talents? They mostly make other people angry.

Retry is good. Fail is an attempt to pass absolute judgment on a relative situation.

I really want to object to this, but when I try to name any I come up either with a fail or insufficient evidence on the sane part.
Examples that fail on more than one, however, are easy.

In my experience, all three together is very rare - and especially so because those who do have all three cover up (generally the smart aspect), because otherwise they generate too much resentment.

But yeah, there is a flaw in the phrasing - the equation should be more ~(hot & sane & smart).

With, of course, the addition that this is more of a fuzzy than a binary logic problem.

I think I've dated all the permutations. And I can tell you which two I am: smart and sane. I'm not generally hot, but I am pretty damn cute most of the time.

I prefer smart and sane anyway. You can fake hot and get away with it, but if the dumb or insane get exposed, there's a lot less forgiveness.

You're hotter than you think, dear.

So the way I figure it, either I'm an exception, or I'm insane & don't know it, or It's Jefferson's zero sum theory........

Well, duh. You're the exception to everything, Ms. Sugar Princess.

Well, a few things:

  1. It's a glib social statement, with enough truth in it to make it seem like an iron-clad law

  2. I'm not sure any member of the Collective can be completely classified as "sane."

  3. Jim

# 3 is more weakness than insanity......

At some point, weaknesses cross the line, dear.

But whether it has or not I'll leave up to your judgment...