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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]

I actually woke up early enough yesterday that I was able to make it over to writenwrong's place with timenchanter, and help a bit with the packing and move along with bluize. I should likely be doing more of that now, but I am le tired...

We managed to get some stuff done, which is good.

Then we headed up to the bar a few minutes early for a change, and took a leisurely time getting ready - so leisurely, in fact, that when people showed up at 8:30pm, I was still kinda puttering around. But I got going reasonably quickly.

I was never a particular busy night (15 rotations), but it was quite a pleasant, low-key one. Kim (the really cute TV), got the courage to get up and sing multiple times. Cheri did as well.

Bar income for the weekend was a bit off-target, but just 14% low - nothing too serious. Afterwards, Timmie took off with dionuse and friends to watch Rent. I wasn't feeling hugely social - and I had things to do today - so I declined.

Some food at Denny's, and then home, where I got most of my major upcoming bills paid - and, eventually, slept. I was up again around 1:30pm or so when a knock came on the door, which turned out to be tankgirl, whose phone wasn't working.

That led to an extremely pleasant afternoon and evening hanging out with her while traveling around the South Bay, doing various little tasks - like getting her phone back online.

I got home around, I think, 8:30pm, started in on this post - and fell asleep. In fact, I'm seriously considering just going to bed right now.

In fact, I believe that's what I'll do. About the only thing likely to change that plan would be offers of hot tubs with cute naked girls.

Well, OK. The hot tub part is optional...

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thank you again, darlin', for your company et al. i am in your debt.

do you think that fark quote about 2 of 3 holds true for men?

Most welcome, dear. And yes, yes you are. :-)

I think the quote applies to men as well as it applies to women, which is "sorta."

A perhaps better way to put it is: "Stop looking for perfection. You probably won't find it."