Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Moon Shadow

I have a lot of catching up to do.

Friday had the biggest, brightest full moon since 1993 - not that I got to see it, what with the whole cloud cover thing. But it seemed to permeate the whole weekend.

I normally do well on full moons. This particular one has been very very good to me.

Thursday was rickshaw's birthday party at KoC, which brought out a nice little crowd, including Danny, who's always a lot of fun. There were a whole host of people there for that and other reasons, including synkitty, Patrick, jasonmagick, kizmet100, portions of the "big Alex" crowd, Mikey H, both Nates (justnate and dionuse), trivialt, spawrhawk, Robin, markobellydance, celticnoor, chargerboy, supersniffles., and Eddie

And those are just a large part of those that sang. I managed to fit 5 rotations into the night, and that mostly because the first and last were relatively short.

A good night with good people. Not to mention enough people to keep the place from freezing. I was able to work without my jacket for a change.

My main activity Friday during the day was incorporating discs before my first fill-in show at Mariner's Point. The idea was to make it up there around 7:00pm, so I'd have a couple of hours to consider the situation, and figure out what I was doing.

I made it by 7:30pm, which for me wasn't too bad - and I was ready to go by about 9:00pm. Quite an experience, almost exclusively positive. I have to admit that I'm not used to making over $100 in tips, but I could learn to like it - even if most of it was "get me up early" tippage. Many, many drunk straight people, running the gamut from the woman who couldn't be pried away from the mic (I just turned it off) to the woman who expected to sing more frequently because she worked there to the woman who thought sitting next to me and leaning over with a low-cut dress would help.

It definitely helped me enjoy myself.

Strangely enough, the men weren't quite as nutty. One complained that he didn't get to sing because I counted a song someone dumped on him as the one for his turn, but that wasn't precisely all that off base.

So I did what juggling I needed to do with the 39 singers I got. At the end of the night, most everyone was happy. I fit four rotations in before 2:00am, then, when I got permission, kept going through the 5th. Then Steve (the regular DJ), who had come in around 1:00pm, realized I'd let him sing as much as he wanted to.

In the end, I didn't shut the equipment off until about 2:45am.

I ran into yet another Rebecca that I sorta remember (Apparently I only sorta remember Rebeccas). I think she was one of the two girls at the Swingin' Door the first time I played there, but I'm probably wrong. A lovely little thing with a sweet disposition that reminded me of a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Sandy Duncan.

A lot of fun - and a lot of work. I had a nice time talking shop with Steve as I was shutting down, and then punch-drunkedly loaded everything in the car. I was trying to hurry (The owner, LV, had a headache, and wanted to get home), but every effort to speed up only slowed me down. Ah well.

Nothing broke.

Though I did have the bottom cover of the yellow mic pop off a couple of times.

I was supposed to do something about that Saturday. Instead, I spent the day incorporating yet more new discs. In fact, that, fighting with disc rips, and trying to milk enough toner out of my last cartridge for the update sheets (I managed to get 10. I normally want 12 or 13), meant I didn't make it up to the Swingin's Door until 8:15pm.

But I hustled, and was ready to go by 9:15pm - late, but not incredibly so. I didn't start getting songs until 9:30pm, anyway. An interesting night, with a slightly different feel than the previous ones I've done. The new speaker setup, with the right-hand speaker over in a different corner, meant I had much less feedback. In fact, most of what I had involved holding the mic upright while walking away from the singing/dance area, and in front of the left-hand speaker. And even then, it wasn't all that bad. Better yet, I had much more uniform sound throughout the place.

The main piece of drama (apart from lunging every time another drunk popped the bottom off the yellow mic), was when Warren's secondary sound system in the back stopped working again. It rather mysteriously went from just fine, to amplifying a 60Hz hum. The interesting thing about Warren is that even though he has no idea what his equipment does, the problem is always on the KJ's side.

That got a little better when I fiddled with his stuff and made it work (I don't think I like the Presonus Bluemax). But it meant I had some dead air twice, because it was impossible to fight my way back to the front before a song ended.

So, far fewer problems than last Saturday, and a much happier crowd. Some of the people from Mariner's Point even came over (including "Aussie Mark", who apparently was involved in starting the Mariner's Point show), and just about gushed at me. My ego felt suitably stroked.

But it was also a different night because the douchebag concentration was much lower. Not to mention a completely different crowd, um, arrangement. The other three shows I've done there have been slow until about 12:30am, at which time a huge crowd would rush in, and all want to sing then. That huge crowd didn't show. Instead, we had a steady group from the beginning. Sorta. This was a 5 rotation night, but the first, fourth, and fifth rotations were each about 5 people long. By contrast, rotation 2 contained 31 singers.

The bar made more money than last week, and there wasn't a giant crowd needing to be pushed out the door at the end of the night. It worked.

Of all things, I ran into Sarah, who used to couch-surf at the HoD. I got the impression she doesn't even normally go to that bar. That got me quite a few hugs, which are always welcome.

And a Jack&Coke. For some reason, my drink this weekend was Jack&Coke. It's like I'm anticipating princesskiti22's arrival or something. Even if she's not inviting me to parties...

Getting out of there took longer than I would have liked, again, but quite honestly, rewinding all those cords takes a lot of time.

The plan for during the day Sunday was to go help writenwrong with whatever he might need. This was somewhat thwarted by my waking up around 3:30pm, and not getting myself out of bed until 4:30pm.

In fact, I was a little late to the bar, and not because of any particular activity. I was just slooooow.

But then, no-one really showed up until 8:30pm or so, anyway - which at least gave me enough time to not only set up at a relatively calm pace, but also repair the friggin' yellow mic. It should be fine for a while - possibly years. Now I just need to figure out how to keep drunks from pulling the condoms off.

Oddly enough, the good singers, those who might have a remote chance of sounding better without a condom, never pull them off. It's always the ones who would probably sound better with a mouthful of foam rubber. Go figure.

Odd, but pleasant night - and the bar made half of target for the weekend, so I really have nothing to complain about. The first two rotations were just myself, timenchanter, Marko, and Kristi. The following 5 also included moahb. Then we got a small inrush Mikey H, snafflekid, Shawn and Eddie (back together), and then this couple who apparently just came in from the rain, Jovida and Rick. Jovida being a fairly impressive singer.

In the end, I ran for 15 rotations, and sang about 11 suicide songs from Kendall. The bastard left before I got to the Josh Groban O Holy Night. 'Twas fun, though. Shawn, Eddie, and I sang it in 3-part disharmony.

Shutdown was the standard easy one, then Timmie and I caught up on the weekend happenings over nachos chez April.

Then home, where I've been typing ever since. Right now, sleep definitely seems in order.

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