Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Good Morning

I got up "early" yesterday to do things I didn't end up doing, but it did manage to make me weave a little bit as I drove up to the City.

Exciting, 'twas.

Even more exciting was the fact that traffic was thick enough that leaving a bit before 6:00pm got me to Julie's at just about 7:30pm. And it takes me more than an hour to set up there.

There's more to drag in than at KoC, and this one length of cabling I have to run behind 4 tables. It just takes a while.

But no-one really started singing until a bit after 9:30pm anyway, so it's all good. I had people there, but none of them seemed interested in singing. So I played videos.

They laughed.

One odd little group (Paula and Nas) excitedly wrote up a bunch of slips, sang a couple of songs when pressed, then wouldn't put any more of their slips in. I finally gave up trying, and they slipped out.

Then there's Molly, who ended up singing with most people by the simple method of grabbing the mic. Not a bad singer, and fun. We all just wish she'd wash her hair. Her boyfriend, Tuki, is sorta Rasta, so I assume she's trying for the dread thing. Unfortunately, straight blond hair doesn't really dread. It more just looks like an oily mess.

Kin and Lucy have been coming in for a while (I think Lucy is a relative of the owners), and Lucy has a nice, if very quiet voice, and is painfully shy. Kin actually got her to sing three times by doing two duets with her, and taking the mic off to her corner. For one of those songs, Molly grabbed the other mic and passed it around to various people. Fortunately, they were drunk enough not to notice that it was off...

Then there was Hollie. I don't know if Hollie is actually following the career footsteps of Jenna Jameson, but she's doing her best to emulate the look. And every song she sang was modified to be about sex - from the male perspective. Quite interesting. And definitely not difficult to look at...

So, a fun night, even if Tuki didn't get the courage to sing until maybe 1:45am, and at that point monopolized the mic with weak freestyling, until we finally took it away a little after 2:00am.

Not a hugely profitable night. Well, the bar did OK. Not the huge amounts they say they've done in the past, but OK. But not as good as last week, and I am trying to build the business there. On the other hand, it's mid-December.

If I don't have things built more by mid-January, I should talk to the owners about the situation - either let someone else have a crack at it, or up my percentage of the take.

As I was tearing down, I suddenly remembered that I should have moved my car earlier - it was still in a 1 hour parking zone that was supposed to be clear for street sweeping after midnight. Miraculously, it wasn't ticketed. Another ticket is all I need at this point.

It made shutting down easier for the owners - they just helped me pile stuff on the sidewalk next to the car, and I loaded it in from there. Then home, with a stop-off at April's.

And sleep. Much sleep. I woke up today at 5:00pm.

And now I need to get clean and dressed for rickshaw's birthday thing at KoC. The pressure, it never ends.

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