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Bruce [userpic]
Not Much

Not a huge amount in the last day. I did some database cleanup, and did some disc rip cleanup. Verified that the kludge through my VCR should have worked on Saturday - if only because I'll likely have to use it Friday.

I had dinner with raven2000 at the Cardinal, following which we went to her place and watched Zombie Strippers, which was actually pretty funny.

Then home to some more of the karaoke-related stuff, then back out a few hours later for supper with timenchanter at Denny's.

And that's about it. I was sorta hoping one or two of my recent purchases would show up today, but instead I got a notice that I'm likely to be inspected by the state board of equalization. That would be fun. Maybe I should dig up the business license and prop it up somewhere - wouldn't want all those customers to not see it...

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