Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Day of Rest

Sunday and Monday were a welcome change after the irritant that was Saturday. Not incredibly busy, but pleasant in that way I needed to remind myself why I like the job. And not bad for income - the weekend total was just 10% off target.

A lot of that due to blankreloaded, who visited us both nights. And who also insists that my costume this coming Halloween will be Malibu Barbie. Given I agreed to let him choose it, I'm kinda stuck.

But, I got him to agree to let me pick his costume. I'm opening the floor to suggestions. So far, my main thoughts have been Pippi Longstocking and, well, me. The latter being quite possibly what would horrify him most...

Sunday, there were just 8 of us (myself, timenchanter, Casey, Joe (who sang three times!), synkitty, markobellydance, trivialt, and supersniffles). Not that most of them lasted for the whole night. In fact, at 1:30am, at the end of the 14th round, I just decided to close it down, and the contents of the bar (myself, Timmie, Synthia, Cindi, and foxypinkninja) adjourned to April's Denny's for food and central heating.

Synthia (and Tara) gave me this awesome cookies&tea set for Christmas, of which I have been partaking ever since. Though the first time I made the tea, I had to stop myself at the last minute - I normally heat up one cup at a time in the microwave, with the teabag in the cup. Not such a good idea when you're using loose-leaf tea in a metal teaball...

Then home for some relaxation, and disc shopping. I've been finding karaoke discs on eBay lately, which may have been a bad idea. I can be a bit of an eBay junkie, and I'm already a disc junkie. So yeah, there's a fair amount of music on the way. Most of it older fill-in stuff, since I can get the new stuff elsewhere.

I got to bed at my present regular time of 8:00am, then woke up in mid-afternoon to the first two of the eBay shipments. That consumed the rest of the afternoon and early evening. Timmie made dinner as I worked on the updates, and then we headed off to the bar.

Monday's show was quite interesting. There was jasonmagick's birthday, which brought out several people ("Big Bad" John, Sarah&Paul, Bekki, and Stan), then a surprise visit by rue_gingertabby, accompanied by David T and their friend John, the always-welcome dionuse and Colleen, and Regis.

Regis was quite interesting. Big guy, out from Chicago (apparently, out from Chicago quite frequently), very good singer, and apparently has a side-business back home where he rents out karaoke rigs to KJs. Fun to talk shop with - and also quite a nice contributor to the bar.

Also, I think, the only person in shirtsleeves there that didn't run for home because of the cold. I swear it was below 50° in that place by the end of the night, and I'm pretty sure the cold is why moahb left as quickly as he did [I stand corrected. The Noah was merely tired].

Anyway, a good time, and 10 rotations.

Timmie and I discussed getting food afterwards, and I pointed out that unlike the bar or the Duplex, Denny's has central heat. It was a very nice change.

Then home, where I again spent far too much time perusing eBay while bundled up, waiting for my room to get above 60°. And buying...

Then sleep. I've been up for a little over an hour - just enough time to see the sun go down. Timmie and I were going to host a dinner party tonight, but two of the guests broke up, and the third one bowed out. I'm going to be forced to relax, instead, dammit.

This is my only free night this week. I've got a show every night until, well, next Tuesday. I'm going to be tired. But at least I can pay the bills this month. It's next month that I'm not so sure about.

Other little details: I got an email from the Fahrenheit Ultralounge, which is looking for a new KJ. The contact (Steven) apparently liked my response, apart from the fact that they're looking for someone for Mondays. It's tempting, though. I suspect they have a functioning heating and cooling system.

And I finally got my courtesy notice from the City about the traffic ticket. They want $400. So I'm not totally sure I can pay the bills this month. Sigh. I've got an eBook on fighting traffic tickets I should get to reading.

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