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Bruce [userpic]
Sunset, Sunrise

I managed to squeeze in some food at Panera before the show yesterday, but just barely.

Especially since we started almost on time. The only reason I started as late as 8:45pm was that moahb asked to be suicided, and I wanted to make sure I had a reasonable buffer of alternate songs built up.

Still, it was a medium-slow night (7 rotations). We had a few people from the "other Alex" group (Andy and Stewart, particularly), who left around 10:30pm when they couldn't take the cold any more.

Patrick brought his friend Nerissa, who's always fun to hear singing. Though she didn't make a friend of lucydogstringer. Steven went home after his first song and picked up Jack - then Nerissa called Jack a rat.

I'm not sure what the problem is. I like rats...

hogarthhughes sang a song, grumbling at me about it all the way. The usual, what.

A short, but quite welcome appearance by onyx101, and the always pleasant presence of both snafflekid and supersniffles. Kendall was still having much fun suiciding me with odd songs. Though I have to admit that I've added Bungle in the Jungle to my repertoire.

And, of course, great people like markobellydance and chargerboy.

The most unusual part of the evening was a long visit by h2ocrazyguy, who came out with timenchanter, Cindi and I to April's afterwards.

And then home, where I unloaded, wound down a bit, and tried to sleep.

It was one of those wonderful (and fortunately rare) nights when lying down would trigger a coughing fit. Plus I had the "hooburrito" at Denny's, forgetting those contain onion rings. Denny's onion rings and I... don't get along.

So anyway, not much sleep for me. But at least I managed to track down all the songs from Rhapsody that didn't download completely (why does every mp3 sales site have this problem?), and get them to issue me credit so I could redownload.

Actually, I'm amazed at how shoddy the Rhapsody site is. Searches by artist appear to find everything, including albums that don't show up an "album" search. Track times are shown in an artist's complete repertoire, but not in an album view.

Best yet, the track times are frequently wrong. If a song is of a length that, after conversion to minutes and seconds, has a "seconds" length of over 30, the minutes field is too large by one. You'd think someone would have noticed this by now - and it can't be hard to fix.

Anyway, I managed to get a little sleep between about 2:00pm and 4:30pm, then gathered myself together and headed up to the Dome. I didn't do any major chores, but I did manage to fix an SD card problem (even technophiles frequently don't know that the root directory in a FAT volume is a fixed length).

A pleasant dinner, some conversation, then I wove my exhausted self down the mountain to the Duplex.

Where I realized that I hadn't packed up the books and monitor stand at the end of the show Thursday, and that I'll be needing them tomorrow.

So I wove my way up to KoC, and managed to grab stuff through the Latin crowd. Actually, it wasn't too hard: The Latin crowd wasn't all that much of a crowd. I suspect not a hugely profitable Friday. Ah well.

And then I was having a chocolate craving, which is how I ended up here at the Cheesecake Factory, and just finished a ridiculously huge dessert.

Now I get to go home, where I'll be too full to go to bed. Whee!

Current Location: Cheesecake Factory
Mood: tiredtired

Jack is a rat.

Despite the obvious similarities, Jack is not a rat. Though he has been socialized enough not to use it, chihuahuas have a nasty, unpleasant bark.

Rats do not.

There are several varieties of rat. Jack is a barking rat.

Well, at least he's not of unusual size...

That's my job.

(Insert rimshot here)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Well, y'know, I'm more than a little fond of cats.

But if you get them hungry and in a large enough concentration, they'll pick your bones faster than a pool of piranhas...

I'm more than a little fond of cats.

Leg or breast?

The breast is much meatier.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

And once again, a gay man demonstrates that he knows little about the anatomy of a pussy...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Wings prevent leakage.