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Bruce [userpic]
More Fun in the City

I woke up at around 2:00pm yesterday, which was far too early. But too late to go back to bed. I've been doing a bit too much of that lately, mostly because I've been getting to sleep at 8-frikkin'-AM.

Anyway, I got up and dressed with my usual speed, which meant that after a quick dinner, I didn't make it up to the City until about 7:40pm.

To discover that they had a huge party over in the dance area, and George wanted me set up as quickly as possible to grab some of those.

As quickly as possible turned out to be 8:45pm - but I did, indeed, grab some of those. They were a bunch of Bay Area Young Architects out to have a good time. A couple of them, Alex and Secrea, stayed until closing.

Secrea was quite the interesting one. Very attractive, and not exactly afraid to show off her body. She did quite a nice job of dancing around the room and climbing/rolling on things as she sang.

Which was tricky for me. She has a very nice voice, but no projection whatsoever, which meant that I needed to spend my time raising her mic volume to near max. And then she'd roll around on a shelf directly in front of the speakers.

My feedback eliminator can only do so much.

Anthony convinced his friends Jessica and Shandra to come out. They're both trained singers, and I believe he said that Jessica does opera. Nice, cute, fun, and no particular problems with projection. Jessica stayed all night, and says she'll be a regular.

Other new additions were Bob, who's, well, remarkably... normal.. in appearance. A great voice, though. I barely managed to get him in for a second song just before 2:00am.

And Scot Free, who bought me a drink, and didn't stay for his second song (Good thing, I didn't have time). Very odd. Generally looked like Wayne in a leather duster.

And quite a crowd of the regulars. We didn't do anywhere near as well as last week, but better than the week before, and between tips and my portion of bar sales I made enough to make it worthwhile.

Not to mention all the "Best KJ ever" comments. My ego does enjoy its stroking. Mac even hugged me, which was unexpected. But then, he was kinda wasted...

The downside was watching these guys with my just-printed set of books. Printing a new set of books, and then putting them out in a bar - especially a straight bar - is rather like sending your child to kindergarten. You've nurtured them, made sure they're OK, and now you're releasing them out of your control into a pack of thugs.

So several have been baptized in beer, I replaced one back cover that someone thought it was fun to take off, and I just reprinted and inserted a page that some bastard ripped out. At least he left it there - who knows what other pages might just be missing.

I'd say that these things don't happen at KoC, and I have to admit, I haven't had to deal with ripped-out sheets since Creekside. But on the other hand, the previous printing has been missing an artist book for a couple of months, ever since someone at KoC walked off with it.

Ah well.

From there I headed down to the Mini, where I had a relaxed meal, and tried to help a woman named Juliana with a Microsoft problem. We both seem familiar to each other, but the only connection we could find is that she does taxes for Jim&Heather.

Then home, and the usual eventual collapse.

I've been up today since, again, 2:00pm, and I now need to rush through getting a shower, at least if I plan to eat anything other than fast food before tonight's show...

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Jim is constantly complaining about the torture his books go through. One thing they did to help with beer baptisms is they laminated every page, though I know its a looooong process & with your larger more frequently updated books it may not be worth the time or cost. but I thought I might throw it out there :)

oh & do you think I can work 12/21 & 22? I know how much you hate having me around, but I'm going through some serious hostess withdraw.

I've thought of lamination, but apart from the cost, it would triple the thickness of the books. Not really acceptable for a 300 page book...

What I need is plastic paper. I know it's been made - but all I can get is wood pulp. And where's my flying car?

You can hostess any night and any place I'm working, dear. It's too bad you're not here this or next weekend, since I'm filling in at the Swingin' Door both Saturdays...

damn, yeah my holiday break starts 12/20 so I figured I could stay more days that way, that & I decided what weekend I was going to visit & Alex & Jefferson specifically planned an evening under the mistletoe for that saturday :D


Keri under the mistletoe... this just might work...

Re: Hmmm

I dunno that I have a reponse to that :D

Re: Hmmm

Oh, did I say that out loud? :-D

Re: Hmmm

yeah that was your out loud typing

Re: Hmmm

I really should learn to separate my inside from my outside typist. :-p