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After carting "She" all over the map - and having her give me an odd little lecture on why I shouldn't give up on people (Gee, why is that?), I tried to get an hour of sleep before heading over to timenchanter's for dinner.

I succeeded admirably.  I got 2 hours worth.  So I was late to something with Timmie again.  I really don't like this trend of making everybody in the world wait for me.  I ain't that damn special...

Well, maybe special ed.

Anyway, he made us dinner, then we hung out for a few hours drinking rum&whatever while I surfed (sigh) and he played a video game.

We then headed off to pjdorian's house, so Timmie could get the fourth season of Queer As Folk.  The way he treats it, I should probably start calling it Queer Crack.  Had a nice conversation on flooring, and evictions.  It's the first time I've actually been able to talk to Dennis.

Then off to Splash.  I don't think either of us particularly wanted to go, but Timmie wanted to be there for Jeremy's last night, and people I liked were going to be there.  We were also both hoping cekyr0 would show up.  He didn't while we were there - I suppose he could have earlier.  Ah well.

Got to hang out with valeriesparks a bit, and talked about the contest with La Jentra.  Sang one song, not that I'm sure anyone could tell - I sure as hell couldn't hear myself.  But that's OK, Dustin was singing along, and wants to do it next week.

We left early, I dropped Timmie off at his place, then came home and passed out in my chair.  He apparently stayed up watching some show until 4am...

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