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Bruce [userpic]

The new set of books are done. I finished off the last artist book at around 5:30am.

I'm not sure I'll be able to do another set with this printer, but I've got another 3-4 months before I need to worry about that.

Apart from the fact that the front panel is now telling me I need to replace the fuser and something called the PF kit (neither of which are user serviceable parts), the damn thing started freezing up around the middle of the third-to-last book.

At random points during the print process, it would decide that the drum needed cleaning (which supposedly actually means the corona wire on the drum unit), and freeze everything.

Then after I'd fiddled ineffectively with the drum unit, it would identify the various pieces of paper as paper jams. This really slows you down when it happens every 20 sheets or so.

Much, much fun.

But compressed air seemed to help - and surprisingly, given the subject, the cleanup wasn't too bad.

I also found a few errors as I was binding stuff (Astrid Gilberto? Really?), so there're actually 3 different variants on the books. Color me concerned.

And now I've packed the stuff in the car, cleaned away the supplies on my bed, had some McD's breakfast, and caught up with the vital happenings on the web.

Good night, all!

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