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January 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
One Page at a Time

Not too long after my last post, dionuse and Colleen walked into the bar, and I was able to start the whole singing thing by around 9:00pm.

Not a hugely busy night (10 rotations), but not exactly dead, either. Bar income for the weekend was about 18% off target, which isn't too bad.

Definitely a fun little night. Colleen sang 8 songs, which mean only two of them were Roxie and All That Jazz (when she first asked for a song, I absent-mindedly put her name on the board as "Roxie").

We have moahb, and supersniffles, and Patrick, and celticnoor, and kizmet100, and lucydogstringer.

Not to mention Jorgie, being inimitably Jorgie, and Becca/Rebecca. I really should remember her (for one thing, she's cute - and cuddly), but all I can say is that she's really familiar. She might be this Rebecca, but I'm not really sure. Ah well.

I was packed up by around 2:45am, at which time timenchanter and I did our usual pilgrimage over to April's Denny's, then home.

Since my bed was covered with printing supplies, I didn't even bother unpacking the car.

Instead, I settled down to a round of printing and binding. It's actually kind of fun in a mindless way - especially trying to efficiently queue everything up so the printer never stops.

Around 7:30am, it stopped, declaring that my last toner cartridge was empty. The usual "shake the cartridge" method gave me another hundred pages, but unfortunately stopped short of the fifth pair of books by 21 pages.

So I went to sleep.

I woke up again around 2:00pm, slowly came to full consciousness, called my parents to say I was too sniffly to come up (true - I had to spend all last night trying to sing and announce with mild laryngitis), and got myself clean and out the door by 5:00pm (only 3 hours!). Microcenter supposedly had one Brother refill kit. Surprisingly, I was able to eventually find it.

Then it was just a matter of fighting my way back through traffic, and here to Panera for some yummy food.

And now I'll be heading home, and see if I can get back to living in a cloud of black polyester granules.

Preferably after I get them into the cartridge, and the cartridge into the printer...

Current Location: Panera
Mood: calmcalm