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Bruce [userpic]
Good Show

There's something particularly satisfying about a show that went well - especially one where people were making last-minute changes left and right, and you still managed to handle it all without missing a beat.

Tonight was definitely like that.  Plus people seemed to have a definite positive feel.  The only thing that seemed a little bizarre is that the number of showtunes increased after unbreak_able left.  Normally they increase when she arrives...

Not that things were completely showtune-less earlier in the night.  Debbie and Eddie did a killer version of What Is This Feeling.

And here I am, back in Carrows.

Mood: contentcontent
Music: Stand By Me -- Ben E. King

i know. what was up with that? no debbie or mikey and the showtune quota was exceeded by far and *gasp* somebody else was singing songs from wicked. :p

Well, it does help when you end up being the site of a cast party for Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat"...

ahhhh, is that who they were? with all of that tie dye, i would have never guessed. :p

and yes, great job tonight on your part.


Thanks! And HUGS right back!

It's posts like this that make me homesick :-)