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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Life Continues

I didn't get my obsessive ass to the bar until around 7:40pm last night, which would have been a bad thing, if there'd been much of a group waiting.

As it is, I believe I started the show proper around 8:40pm, once trivialt turned in some songs.

A slowish night (11 rotations), with a number of bright spots, such as hektikat coming out to unwind for a bit, Rizza showing up all by her lonesome to sing for several hours, some Rick O., and most amazingly, a few hours of Shawn and Eddie.

I was wondering if they were still alive.

And, thanks to snafflekid, I don't have to worry about picking songs for quite some time. He gave me two lists of songs to do fairly late in the evening, so I only got the chance to sing The Dirty Polka, You've Got Another Thing Comin', and She's a Lady.

I was losing my voice towards that last one, so it's a good thing that timenchanter and Eddie marched up on stage and sang it with me.

Timmie did a lot of shots with Eddie, so at the end of the night I poured him into my car, fed and hydrated him at April's, then drove him home. He's been passed out on his chair in the living room ever since.

I've been unable to sleep much, so I've done little things like pay the rent, and at the moment I'm printing out various songbook sections. I've been doing this for a few hours, so I'm getting to the point where I can imagine printing the main body of a book or two.

Or maybe actually sleeping. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying inhaling all that wonderfully carcinogenic toner that my printer spews out.

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Mood: tiredtired

Yeah for black snot, and you are less poor too!

Good thing I'm less poor, too, because I'm on my last toner cartridge...