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Why Do I Do This?

So first of all, while I'm trying to get some sleep, I get a call from "She" - she's at Social Services, and is trying to get food stamps, and she needs a declaration that she's been paying her rent by cleaning my house.

It's true enough (For the past month), so I don't object to it, except, well, ya know, I actually like sleep, believe it or not.

But I write something up, and drop it off.

But of course, it doesn't end there. Apparently this is friendly "She" day, or at least pestering "She" day. She has a laptop that needs some upgrading, could I get the LAN connection to work (Answer, apparently, no, not until I get my XP install disc back)?

Then her housing in Santa Cruz is about to come through, but they want bank statements, could we run them over?

And, schmuck that I am, I'm about to do that. For one thing, I figure if she's got housing, she'll be easier to pry out come the 1st.

At least, while I was working on the laptop, she cleaned my sink and toilet...

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