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Bruce [userpic]

It is not conducive to proper concentration to have the back of your chair break off while you're sitting in it. Just as a PSA.

Especially when your little toe whaps into your baseboard as a result. Happened over an hour ago, and the sucker still hurts.

I've never broken a bone in my life - I'd hate to start now.

At least it's mostly ignorable. I'm having more trouble sitting in my chair with the back semi-detached.

Time to give up, get up, and go out to find screws, I guess.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: crappyin pain

if you're still hurting in about two hours.... it may be broken. that's what happened with my mother about three weeks ago.....

so get it check out.

Well, it's not swollen, it's not displaced in any noticeable way, and it mostly just hurts if pressed backwards.

Which would indicate that if it's broken, it's just a fracture, and being careful of it should do fine.

just tape it and that will help keep it supported.

I'm sorry your toe hurts. I've never broke anything either but having a cartilage sprain and a tear in your MCL (inner knee muscle) hurts like a MO FO. Get better soon. put some ice on it.

Oh, that does sound painful. I just have a case of OMAMK (Overweight Middle-Aged Male Knee), and that's painful enough on its own.

It's not swollen, so I'm not sure ice would help much.

Was it you right baby toe?

Nopers. My left baby toe.